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Christ is Risen!

Holy Saturday and Sunday of the Resurrection, Liturgy of the Resurrection (Anastasis), Midnight Paschal meal, and Processions at Sts Augustine and Seraphim Sarov Monastery at Trikorfo, Greece… 18 more words


A Children's Tale: Fistful-of-Cumin and Fistful-of-Mustard go on a Pilgrimage

I wrote this story for children sometime back, improving on a vaguely-remembered story my grandmother told me, and gave it an end. This is my translation of it in memory of all pilgrimages and boat journeys of childhood: 698 more words


Where God Walks

There is a very real phenomenon called “Jerusalem Syndrome”: Someone visits the Holy Land and experiences a psychotic break, fraught with religious obsession. Obviously, this isn’t something one would wish on anyone, but it illustrates rather vividly how some places can overwhelm us with their deep spiritual “footprints.” Some places simply seem more touched by God than others. 163 more words


Saint Winifred and her Holy Spring

Icon of St. Winifred, painted by a modern Orthodox iconographer.

+ Commemorated November 3/16 

On March 1st, St. David’s Feast, we made a pilgrimage to St. 2,398 more words


Poised for Promise

Chimes set free the divine distraction of it all.

A unique sense of liberation marries my soul to that which no one can own.

Even if late for the uprising, I am at home. 85 more words


A weekend trip to the holy pilgrimage, Golden Temple, Amritsar, Punjab

The city of Amritsar and its famous Golden Temple are not only one of the most underrated destinations in India, but they might be the most friendly and welcoming place in the whole country. 262 more words


A Pilgrimage

A Pilgrimage

Two of my children were in Europe for World Youth Day last summer, and in thanksgiving for them having made it safely, and in prayer for their safe return, I decided I would do my own pilgrimage—a walking pilgrimage. 3,406 more words