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Lego series Part 1: Building blocks of faith

*Bear with me. This post has a few references to the Lego movie :)*

This was now a few weeks back when I got to visit one of my favourite families in the world. 1,012 more words


Alive and Well

There’s something exciting and exhilarating about taking shelter in the back of a van, the back gate up providing a temporary roof, watching the driving rain come down so hard you don’t dare step out into it. 420 more words

August 2nd , Virgin of Los Angeles Day in Costa Rica.

This devotion particularly took place in the village called “Puebla de Pardos”, situated at the outskirts of the capital Cartago, a village ethnically formed by descendants of blacks and indigenous people. 550 more words

Plymouth Rocks!

We arrived in Plymouth via train after rushing about London for a weekend with eyes agog and mouths agape. We left via Paddington Station, yes, that Paddington, 540 more words

25th July 2015

Saint Francis used to say that the rule of pilgrims is this: to take shelter under someone else’s roof, to thirst after your homeland, and to make your way in peace.


Prejudice and the Land

There’s a whole vocabulary that I’m learning on this pilgrimage – a language that maybe I should have learned when I lived here, but never did. 293 more words

MFW Adventures: Pilgrims & Constellation Fun!

Its the end of week/unit 5 and I am pleased as punch that we decided to use MFW Adventures this year. What a fantastic curriculum! 1,165 more words

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