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Dear Grandma

Dear Grandma,

We’re sitting in your brother’s lounge room in Wakefield. He’s perched on a wooden chest in the corner of the room, because between the four of us and his boisterous staffy Hector, there is no space left on the sofas and chairs. 609 more words

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Day 30 – Words of Life: A Countdown to Hearing Jesus in the Land of the Bible

Based on John 6:68

“Are you ready? All systems are go in T minus 5-4-3-2-1 – Blast-off!” 529 more words

Plymouth, 394 years later

November 24, 2016, PLYMOUTH, MA – Juan Gonzalez (left) and Rosalba Solis (right) march in the streets  to commemorate a National Day of Mourning during the US holiday Thanksgiving in Plymouth, where the first Thanksgiving took place. 66 more words

American Thanksgiving

Educators, seeking enriching anecdotes to help their students understand the historical context of the American Thanksgiving traditions, will enjoy the excerpt from Melanie Kirkpatrick’s speech, … 187 more words

Are You In LOVE...with God's Word?

How important is the Bible to you?  Is it what you read before you fall asleep or when you wake up?  Maybe it is time you fall in love…with God’s Word.


What's wrong with The Giver: Sameness and communism don't work

I’ve recently had a conversation with a couple of high schoolers about The Giver (a popular middle school reading assignment and a 2014 movie). The story is a dystopia set in an apparently post-apocalyptic world. 789 more words



This Thanksgiving, I was with my uncle in a convention in LA. I asked him many questions, such as what he does on this fateful holiday, and why is it celebrated. 334 more words