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A zoonosis is a disease caused by an animal vector. Since dogs and cats are the most common pets, they produce the largest number of diseases. 100 more words


Doctors recommend at risk population to immunize against pneumococcal Disease, the most common bacterial cause of pneumonia. All patients vaccinated with PPSV13 before age 65 should be vaccinated with PPSV23 as they turn 65. 68 more words

Herpetic Neuralgia

Doctors urge all patients over 60 to have Herpes Zoster immunizations. It will prevent or reduce the chance of developing Herpes Zoster or Shingles. It begins as a painful rash or eruption in the distribution of a nerve or dermatome. 42 more words

Herpes Zoster

Doctors recommend vaccinations for Herpes Zoster as Zistovax given in right upper arm to reduce the chance of developing symptoms. Everyone over 60 should be vaccinated. 52 more words

HPV Immunizations

Adolescents and young adults benefit from HPV immunizations. Young men 18-21 should take 3 doses of HPV, and women 18-26 need 3 doses of HPV immunization for protection against human papilloma virus. 73 more words

Keep Warm

Winter arrived with freezing temperatures and snow. Many schools closed. A school bus failed to climb a hill and it wrecked. Keep warm and dry. Exercise at the gym, mall, or home to prevent harming your lungs and keep your heart active. Keep warm.

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Celebrate in moderation

As we say goodbye to 2014 and hello to 2015, we must drink moderately. Some will celebrate at church. Others will watch the ball fall in Times Square. 49 more words