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Operation Pilluted

Prescription drug abuse in the United States has reached epidemic levels.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 44 individuals each day die from prescription drug overdoses.  221 more words

The Pill Mill Epidemic


What it is – How it works?


People who are getting access to prescription medication illegally are on the rise, thanks to what the government and drug addiction specialists call “Pill Mills.” 800 more words

Drugs And Pharma

DOJ Busts Alleged 'Pill Mills' In Maryland

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The U.S. Department of Justice busts pain clinic owners and their accomplices running so-called “pill mills” here in Maryland.

Amy Yensi has more on the federal investigation. 298 more words


Don’t Call Them Pill Mills: Pain Management Practices Recoil at Bad Rap

Imagine comparing The New York Times to the National Inquirer. Or Lawrence Olivier to Fabio. Or Van Gogh to Thomas Kinkade.

What Are Pill Mills? 816 more words

Pain Management

CVS Feels Pain Of $22 Million Penalty For Florida Painkiller Pill Mills

When you think of Florida and the Drug Enforcement Administration, your head might be filled with images of cocaine-packed speedboats or propeller planes sneaking in pallets of marijuana. 383 more words

Alternative Metrics of America's Divided Economies #3: Patterns of Drug Addiction and Hidden Pain

In place of topographic local detail, a pastel-tiled pavement of psychopharmaceutical pills marks how anti-depressants have both swamped the inhabitants of the United States and provided a new figure of reliance:  Stanford Kay registered a flattening of the psychic territory, rendering a land whose bounds and contours have become increasingly difficult to navigate, awash with psychic stimulants designed to depress the Central Nervous System.   14,165 more words