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Fathers are special too

Standing proud
doing everything
to remain calm and positive
confidence not crumbling

The better half of mom
partner in life
complements one another
makes the family better… 88 more words


Zakat - A pillar of Islam!

Zakat or Zakah literally means to cleanse or to purify. In our context, it is to purify our wealth by giving charity to those in need. 2,723 more words

Deen - The Way Of Life

Pillars Of the Building

A pillar of society is someone who is universally respected, reliable, decent, and hard-working. A person who is more of a giver than taker; often engaging in voluntary work and taking up worthy causes. 395 more words


Finishing the A Pillars

Well after quite a period of working on other things, I managed to get back to the Sprite.  The A Pillar Inners have been taunting me, begging me to cover them up.  491 more words

Inside Etrurian Grave

View od Etrurian grave inside. Corridor with pillar in chamber at the end of corridor. The Etrurian graves were underground. Pre Roman civilisation.

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The house was ablaze,
but I feared looking back.
What if I too were a pillar of salt?

Pillar, 2018
4.24″ x 5’10”
found photographs, metal, wax, dirt… 107 more words

Kaitlyn Smith

Pillar, Pillar, Pillar

Goodison Park, the home of the Mighty Blues, Everton FC, was built on pillars in the late nineteenth century. Once again, paying over £40 each for the pleasure, me and my two sons shared the experience of a packed and glorious Lower Gladys Street stand. 556 more words