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Ludwig Atlas Pro Pillar Snare Stand

Ludwig Atlas Pro Pillar Snare Stand

Tired of unreliable snare stands that move around? Looks like your ready to upgrade to the new Atlas Pro Pillar Snare Stand by Ludwig. 17 more words

About that “pillar” of American democracy…

Source: Sovereign Man

The series of debates in the contest to see who will become Captain of the Titanic is finally over.

And as the smoke clears from the evening’s entertainment, the main headlines are focusing on just one thing: Donald Trump’s pledged refusal to say he will accept the election results. 202 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

Three Things Thursday - 10/20/2016

Inspired by Nerd in the Brain

Bring the happy!


I’m absolutely loving Spotify. No, I’m not a reseller and I’m not being compensated for saying that. 399 more words

Three Things Thursday

339/365 Shutter release challenge


Carabiner and rope, saw this on a gate pillar. liked it, photographed it. Posted it.

Thank you for viewing

Nikon D7200



This blog post is a slightly different from previous ones in the sense that I’ve added captions to each of the photos as they, hopefully, become more interesting when accompanied by some text. 830 more words

Problems with Salt Pillar Stack

I am, by and large, a big fan of driving Salt configuration through pillar data (it seems to be increasingly encouraged and adopted; I suspect it will soon be idiomatic Salt) and the… 1,081 more words