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The Unspoken Bygones

When we were kids, I thought things would change. It wasn’t a long time ago that I was moving fast, faster than I needed to. It all had to come crashing down; I couldn’t handle my speed, I couldn’t handle the diversions that came my way. 90 more words


Basic Islam

When you are woken before sunrise by the “Call to prayer” blaring from the local mosque, you are in an Islamic country. As I’m spending five weeks in Morocco, I’ve decided to investigate some aspects of the Muslim faith. 1,521 more words



I will be strong
Holding you up
Before the floor falls
I will stand still
Feet firmly planted
Unmoving, my eyes
Keep my head up… 35 more words


A Dedication

It’s the time of year where the seasons are beginning to change. Well, they are supposed to start changing at least. Around here, it still feels like summer.  971 more words


"The special floating slipper, the floating board and a stairway underwater"

Dream today: 11/4/2016 dawn-morning

I walked on the water like Jesus with a special slipper. Somebody’s attempting to remove my special slipper to make me sink, but another creature I didn’t see provided me a flat floating board under my feet so I was able to walk on the water again without sinking. 188 more words