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One Item I Can't Travel Without

With a job that allows me the opportunity to travel frequently, people often like to ask the question, “what is one item that you can’t travel without?” At first I hesitated, wondering if the truth was an appropriate response for a woman trying to embody the young professional. 243 more words

proofs #3 and #4

last night was tantrum fest. it was like coachella for whiny little girls who hadnt slept in too long and had found their pillow pet again (it was under the bed. 253 more words


Blogger Challenge Day 3,4, and 5

So I realize I am behind by a few days on my challenge, but I promise I have a good reason!….

My boyfriend adopted a cat/kitten he’s about a year so he is still young enough to be a kitten but not really haha. 517 more words


Playing Little Miss Smarty-Pants

A: Nani*, why are you telling me to look after Hugsie**?

N: Because Hugsie is getting old. He can rip, and then you’ll have to throw him out. 50 more words


My Last Teen Year

I turned 19 last Saturday, and let me tell you, being older one year just sucks. Soon, I’ll be in my 20s and just… old! Ugh! 209 more words


who else

thinks Saturday nights are slightly overrated?

Now back to that dissertation proposal…sigh

The Cutest College Gear

SPLURGE ALERT: I really don’t usually spend money on anything but food. But seeing as I have to get ready to move away, my habits have momentarily changed. 708 more words