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Pillow Talk with George & Sara

Join us in this new chapter of our life! Sara and I are launching a new vlog series called “Pillow Talk”. We are very excited to reach out to people and discuss a variety of different topics like: the church today and our experiences with church, parenting and being a young parent, to marry or not to marry and much more! 67 more words


Pillow Talk (1959)

Doris Day and Rock Hudson star in this predictable hate turns to love storyline. Though however predictable the storyline, this was not a terrible film.  in fact, it was quite entertaining from start to finish. 216 more words

Doris Day

Pillow Talk

My wife and I are launching our new vlog series titled “Pillow Talk”. We are very excited about including you on this journey along with us! 54 more words


#romanceclass: Writing to Travel, Traveling to Write

#ROMANCECLASS is by and for those who love and write romance. Visit the #romanceclass community here.

The other day I was standing in line for a buffet, considering my food options when out of nowhere, a little voice in my head wondered, ‘what if a cute guy suddenly approached and commented on your buffet strategy?’ Would we talk about the order in which you had to eat the food? 538 more words

Pillow Talk

Ladies, Meet Your Bra's New BFF: The Wardrobe Hack Instantly Shortening Stretched Out, Too-Long Straps 

Let’s be honest. How annoying is it when the strap of your bra, sports bra, swimsuit, tank top or otherwise has stretched out (or was too long to begin with) and a) keeps slipping off your shoulder b) has eliminated your garment’s support, and/or c) has managed to ruin the fit of said strappy attire altogether? 372 more words

Pillow Talk

A Pop of Colour

Oh, how in love I am with my Colourpop. After searching the website for the prettiest colours with my friends we ordered both some things and WOW I would never think I would be able to say this, but I’m in love! 499 more words