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BookMarked: Knocking on Wood

Hello, Cheer Readers! Welcome to BookMarked, where I share all the wonders of collecting that ever-so-important companion of readers everywhere: the bookmark! Check out other collections  946 more words

Pillow Talk


the most important thing I learned while depressed was to stop feeding your negativity. Stop asking yourself “what if?” Stop. Fucking stop. Do what you have to do.

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Pillow Talk

5am Sunday morning writing.

My new going to bed philosophy is that I should stop what I ever I’m doing and start winding down for going to bed, at 9pm on weeknights. 266 more words

Pillow talk

So im 20 and i know its the time to fuck up and not care what you do but sometimes i have days where i care to much i think and i hold back. 175 more words

Pillow Talk: It Starts With Me Loving Jesus First

You don’t get to have a godly relationship without first being godly yourself. Instead of pursuing a relationship, spend your time pursuing Jesus. He’ll take care of the rest. 297 more words

Pillow Talk

Fiction Nation: Where Allegiances Lie

Hi, Cheer Readers! Welcome to another edition of Fiction Nation, where we geek out over adaptations of our favorite novels.

Movies have been a part of my life ever since I was little. 566 more words

Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk Secrets: Our First Year


Welcome to another edition of Pillow Talk, in which Malin James, Jade A Waters and I, Tamsin Flowers, get together for a chat about our favorite things – sex, erotica and…actually I think that covers it – sex and erotica! 1,903 more words

Jade A. Waters