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Pillow talk #7 "relationship with your ex"

An ex? Before i even start anything, do u think it is right to have any form of relationship with your ask? Now let’s answer this quietly in our mind. 426 more words

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"I Love You Just The Way You Are" - Sweet or Wrong?

Though this was not the post I had initially intended to begin 2017’s archives with, when the idea came to me (after conversation with my boyfriend, obviously), I felt it was appropriate with the influx of go-getters and goal-setters during resolution month aka January. 308 more words

Pillow talk #6 'does the size of the rock matters?

You must be wondering what rock am talking about here, right?
How big should the rock on the ring be? You know the diamond ring, the shinny beautiful rock on it. 206 more words

Pillow Talk

Treat others as you would like to be treated.

Hello Friends

How are you doing? I hope you are all having a wonderful week so far, that is productive, if it isn’t that is okay, there is still some days to fix that and hopefully you can catch up if you must or just simply learn a lesson and push yourself to the finish line. 528 more words


I Wish All Conversations Were Like The Ones We Have At 2 AM

I wish all conversations
were like the ones we have
at 2 AM,
when the world is quiet
and our heartbeats loud.

I wish all the words we shared were as… 75 more words

Pillow talk #5 'the status changing'

The status changing and what next?

You both have been dating for quite sometime, it has always being argument, fight over when he will propose. Finally he did after a long time and it’s going to take another years of argument, fight all over again when the wedding would be. 411 more words

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Pillow talk #4 'how long after the number'

How long after the number?

When a guy gets your number, after the little introduction, the question is how long does it take to call you? 190 more words

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