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Let's just do it

I tried to watch The Bridge couple of years ago. I didn’t make it through the first episode. After I heard Diane Kruger is acting as an aspie detective, I wanted to give the series a second chance. 425 more words

My Little Aspie

This Might Be The Grossest Hashtag Ever

This is the weirdest thing to trend since #catbearding. It’s apparently now popular to share post-coital photos on Instagram. Couples are using the #aftersex.

I’m pretty open-minded, but I don’t wanna see people in the afterglow if you know what I mean. 155 more words


3 a-fucking-m

It’s 3am. I can’t stop thinking. My mind disobeys me, always.

Let me sleep, you fucker.

Pillow Talk

FICTION NATION: Hopelessly devoted to books

Hello there, Cheer Readers! Welcome to another edition of Fiction Nation, where we geek out over adaptations of our favorite novels.

This month’s theme is all about hope and aspirations, so I decided to share with you some book-related hopes of mine. 678 more words

Allana Luta

Interview: Major League

Originally published in Highlight magazine, issue #35 (1/2015) 733 more words