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This pillow knows all of my secrets
The tears I have cried for my baby
Could tell a story
I cry when my heart is aching… 152 more words

Double Sequin Mermaid Bright Color Throw Pillow with White Cross Stitch Pillow Core

Today I am reviewing this sequin, throw cushion in beige, pink and white.

When I sore this I knew I had to order it for my daughter, not being too sure if it would arrive in time for Christmas or not I took the chance and placed my order and I’m glad I did as it arrived in plenty of time, so thumbs up right there :) 203 more words

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what pillow?

she has staked her claim to my pillow. i do not believe this is a battle i am willing to fight! besides, look at how comfy she is… lying perfectly still… on my pillow… she’s obnoxious!

Year One

Memory Foam

Why is “I Love My Pillow” so effective in giving you a great night’s sleep? Come to my review of “I Love My Pillow” Blog a pillow that Sleeps like a Traditional Pillow with the Benefits of a Neck Pillow… 19 more words

Get Your Beauty Sleep!

I’ve often joked about needing my “beauty sleep” and as much as I like to sleep you can imagine my excitement when I learned that beauty sleep was a real thing. 575 more words