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Pillow Talk Series : Start The Convo

If you can count the times that you’ve had a real conversation about sexualty either from family or cultural surroundings how many fingers would you have up? 958 more words


The dark side of Instagram's new poll feature

Let’s talk about the new addition on Instagram stories, the platform’s implementation of Snapchat’s short-term sharing feature.

Now, when you decide to upload something on your story, you have the option of choosing a poll from the sticker bar for your followers to cast their votes in. 307 more words


Third Pump of Sugar~ More Sam-n-Tia Chronicles

Tia: *sees Sam getting ready to join her for bed ruffles bed a bit and chuckles maniacally*

Sam: *moves bed sheets only to find some glasses an Iphone and an iPhone charger unplugged on his side of the bed* 205 more words


What I find asdfghjkl attractive about people

Regarding the title, I think we’ve established that I think “asdfghjkl” should be an appropriate word for expressing extreme sexual frustration & agitation & an overload of feels. 473 more words

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Prelude | Pre-trip reflection

Hi! I haven’t been able to write up a proper post due to pre-travel arrangements, packing, shopping, all that jazz. So where am I headed? 367 more words


My first post | Hello!

Hi. A whole week went past thinking about how to write up my first post. Nothing seems to sound just right. Firsts are always the hardest. 245 more words

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Episode 99: That's How They Get Ya

When should you be out of your “clubbing” phase? What’s the proper friction to static ratio? The guys have questions galore so listen as they answer them…and more! 78 more words