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[DEPRESSION] Week 2 of Prozac

Sleep. Sleep has finally started to come back to me somewhat.

The first week was queasy spells, sleepless nights (waking up at 3am), some anxiety, exhaustion, confusion, forgetfullness and continuous yawning. 238 more words


Contraceptive and Birth Control Myths

There are a number of birth control methods that are highly effective in preventing pregnancy. There is also a lot of misinformation about how to use contraception, as well as some methods that simply do not work. 650 more words

Birth Control & Methods

Phantom Acceptance of Mental Labels

Interview with David Bailey, hypnotherapist and life coach at SOAS

Erving Goffman once said “The stigmatized individual is asked to act so as to imply neither that his burden is heavy nor that bearing it has made him different from us; at the same time, he must keep himself at that remove from us which assures our painlessly being able to confirm this belief about him. 755 more words

Mental Health

the body on pain

like a worn
wooden rollercoaster

like the passenger

my mind wants to find anything
else to think about

even nothing… 59 more words


Woman allegedly goes to SC sheriff's office for polygraph test, does meth during break

UNION, S.C. — A woman was arrested after she went to a South Carolina sheriff’s office for a polygraph test and allegedly did meth during a break. 87 more words


[Depression] Day three on Prozac

Prozac is giving me heavy pressures and little rest from the waking dullness of the day. Emotions have begun to actually happen, but sleepless nights lay behind and ahead of me with tepid carelessness. 133 more words