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On A Sunday Afternoon

I take one pill, then I take one more

Now I can’t take this anymore

I was born to crash and burn

Guess some people never learn… 156 more words

Just to Be

Just to be painless

I need to be numb

Just to be painless

I must be made dumb

I can’t connect

but just lie in a bed…

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Kait King Author

These Warriors

They are victorious warriors coursing through my body 
From the doctor’s pad they come to life
Science is a blessing, I’m a living proof, I’ll worship these blisters rather than a god


Pill Popping

Prompt: Addiction

Hello Wednesday,

What? No. No! Noooooooo!

I won’t say the following: “What happened to the year?” “WTF?” “I have no clue what to write.” “Should I do this… 254 more words

Writing Prompts

Light Living With Dark

True, BUT and that’s a Mighty BIG BUT.

They have to want Christ, if we fall in love with one, or are helping one, or if we are at present an addict like I am today, except that today JESUS HAS -SPUN ME- not meth, and He has SPUN ME around 180 degrees and IM NOW pointing toward Jesus AND IM doing HIS WILL. 1,108 more words


Law and Addiction

There are conspiracies.

Conspiracies do exist. Sure, we joke about them more often than we probably should. Maybe at our ordinary life level we will see them in nefarious acts such as low level drug rings, robberies, home invasions, small time white collar crime. 1,259 more words

Law Enforcement

Lovely Dose

October 4, 2019. 23:10 AM

Let’s see, the whole heartbreak package is not complete without having the difficulty to sleep at night. The memories, pain, regret, the questions, will always haunt her before she sleeps. 621 more words

Sad She