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Enough already with the damn syringes and pills

My gosh, I wish doctors weren’t so damn syringe and pill happy. It’s like, “Buddy, didn’t they teach you anything else in med school?” Really? Is that all you have to offer? 55 more words


Kamasutra tips that would make you a better at sex

This ancient Indian text on sex is still revered as the tutor of love and expression through physical gratification. It is known to be one of the things that people are ought to experience in life in adulthood. 589 more words



I’ve been taking Adderall (legally) now for like 2 years. I pop at least one pill every day- except for occasional lazy days where I sleep until 6 pm, read Twitter until it makes me mad, then fall back asleep because it’s dark out so why not call it a day? 405 more words

The Pill Problem


It’s been a little while, no?

And I see that, in my sabbatical, WordPress has gone and added some fancy new features to its editor. 843 more words


Things you should know to enhance male fertility

Male infertility springs up in every one out of three cases of infertility. And when the numbers add up, it becomes quite a considerable amount of people in the world. 955 more words




I woke up before the alarm with the urge to go to the loo. After a lot of painful manoeuvring and passing wind I made my way to the toilet. 210 more words

Random Thoughts

Walled Up


Between the hopes and the tears.

The coping mechanisms

Ain’t helping you cope any more

And the pills

Are just making you feel small. 70 more words