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Pilot: “Channel Zero: Candle Cove”

A good horror TV series is tough to find. So many restrictions to overcome and clichés to avoid, what’s a writer to do? Exciting, interesting, and scary are tough elements to bring together, and that’s just to get people watching consistently. 1,022 more words


WestWorld TV Pilot: Surprisingly unsurprising

So I just finished watching the premiere pilot of Westworld and overall I think I was right. The constant stream of news articles and posts comparing… 1,254 more words


Pilot: “Westworld (2016 TV series)”

Television adaptations of feature length films are nothing new (sadly) and while they’re becoming more and more tiresome with each passing month, in each passing year, it’s clear the trend isn’t dying off anytime soon. 1,646 more words


Time Travel Week

We are 3 days into October, which means I’ve already loaded up on all things pumpkin at the grocery store, and I have Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Bread baking as we speak. 393 more words


Pilot: “This Is Us”

When it comes to any drama series, it’s not too difficult to get into the story and find a way to like the characters, maybe even relate. 1,746 more words


The Pilot Episode of "Supergirl" : A Retro Review

Now that the television series Supergirl has moved to the CW from CBS, giving it a second chance at life and a second season, I thought I’d dust off my review of the series pilot, which I wrote last year for another blog. 2,066 more words

Pilot: “The Good Place”

New comedies have it tough. How to get people to laugh at genuinely funny moments? So much has been done before, but most of it in the worst way possible. 1,259 more words