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TV Series (Personal Reaction) - Into The Badlands Season Premiere

Into The Badlands – Pilot Episode

AMC premiered another solid original series which tells a story of a warrior and protector of one of the 7 feudal barons and a young mysterious lad who were destined to meet in order to gradually unlock the secrets of their past and seek enlightenment in the process. 321 more words


Geeking Out About : Into the Badlands

Yes, I ve been ignoring all my other reviews and recaps in favor of watching Hannibal reruns and Martial Arts movies. Those of you who are not fans of either, I have two statements: 1,352 more words

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Pilot Episode: My So-Called Life

Words and photos by Somi Jun.

follow the bell curve of the stomach,
the parched strokes at the base of the esophagus. 460 more words


My New News Format Proposal

Boss says we go nekkid, by golly we’ll go full bore nekkid. Con Gusto!

Below is a screen grab from my own personally-financed, staffed and cast production of a 2 hour News Extravanaganza pilot episode, now showing to… 51 more words

The Pilot Episode

Ever notice how pilot shows never really live up to their hype?

Maybe we have too high expectations, with all the suspense to blame. Maybe it’s because the show has to introduce you to all the characters before it can really get going. 46 more words


TV Spotlight: The Devil is Awfully Witty Lucifer Pilot Review.

Yay! New Fall Primer shows. I got a minute to check out the Pilot episode of Lucifer which will be showing on Fox. It’s about the actual devil who decides to up and leave hell because he is bored and wants a change. 205 more words

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