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Comair B734 left main gear collapse on landing on 26 October 2015. Final report

A too high flare in an attempt of a smooth landing led to unstable approach, some maintenance issues found as contributing factors to the main landing gear shimmy. 4,504 more words

Human Factors

The story behind a century of aircraft crashes

Ever since the Wright brothers first took to the air – albeit for a few dozen feet – the dream of conquering the skies has cast a shadow that seldom gets mentioned in all the romanticism that surrounds flying. 3,242 more words


Why did the Emirates Flight 521 Crash? - 2 Minute Read - TOGA gone bad

A preliminary report about the Emirates Boeing 777 crash on August 3rd 2016 indicates pilot error. Quite a change in stance, since the pilots were initially credited with saving all 282 lives on board. 470 more words