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Hawaiian Electric proposes community solar pilot project

Hawaiian Electric Company is proposing a new pilot project that paves the way for 50 Oahu customers to enjoy the benefits of solar without having to put panels on their rooftops. 316 more words


The Pilot Project for the Nations

Warning. This is pretty cynical. It’s been that kind of day.

@James — You wrote: “It does seem like the Bible is biased heavily in defining the roles and responsibilities of the Jewish people and is pretty skimpy with its “advice” to the Gentiles.” I think I mentioned somewhere above, in response to a similar comment from Drake, that this should be obvious because the literature was written by Jews for Jews, and its consideration of gentiles was only to provide a larger framework for the world in which Jews must exist as a part of that larger body of humanity.

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Pilot project: That Gilmore Girl

Today Fix It Dear Henry takes a detour and muses on the path not taken. Here is the pilot script for That Gilmore Girl, a show about the childless, wondrous Lorelei Gilmore, PhD. 1,049 more words



Plant a few deadmen in advance in your cob wall to anchor your beams or roof nailers when the roof structure goes on. Use any piece of solid wood and wrap some thick wire around it.


Final Vision Blog Post 1: Project Scope

For my final vision project in LIBE 477 I will be putting together and piloting a Digital Citizenship Program for a group of grade 8 students… 736 more words

DC supply pilot project aims to wipe out blackout

Indian homes may never have to experience a blackout due to power supply cut, if a pilot project sanctioned by the Union ministry for power, coal and new and renewable energy proves successful. 181 more words

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Better Call Saul's "Uno" - Life Before Cinnabon

I know I said I’d do procedural dramas for the Pilot Project, but certain exceptions have to be made. Better Call Saul premiered last night, with another new episode tonight. 1,031 more words

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