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The Undying Queen

Have you heard the tale of the Undying Queen? The one who haunts the ruins of Sanguinem Cataracta, Hall of Bloody Falls, the crumbled castle that sits nestled along the steep iron-rich cliffs of Mount Blut? 550 more words


Supplies for....everything

What all does one need for a trip in a small plane stretching 3400 nautical miles? Of course you need all your basic things you would take on a normal flight: Required documents, aircraft equipment & safety equipment needed for VFR/NIGHT& IFR flight, maps & charts. 396 more words


Belize... the start of the journey

As many of those who write their thoughts out, press send and have them transmitted to the digital atmosphere of servers making up the “blogosphere”, I always have the intention of publishing my thoughts regarding my interests, occuation and desired occupation for others to peruse, but alas life does continue and without strong intent we find ourselves forgetting to do the things we originally desired. 198 more words