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Futurama Fridays – S1 E1 “Space Pilot 3000”

Welcome to Futurama Fridays, a celebration of one of the most interesting and, at times, insightful shows ever animated. To start us off, let’s watch the pilot from the magical year of 1999. 1,641 more words


Mikali, the God of Pursuit

Do you seek and strive
Be it the hunt or task
Mikali watches all
He stands beside you
Along the very same path

He holds the Winds of Swiftness… 80 more words


July 19 - One Hit, Yes, But It Was 'Magic'!

Pilot were flying high! On this day in 1975, the Scottish band hit #1 in Canada with their iconic single “Magic.” To North Americans it is the most-famous song for the band which many consider a one-hit wonder; the single was also top 5 in the US and went gold in both countries. 142 more words

Music History

Pilot Swaps Seats With Screaming Baby To Pacify Angry Passengers

‘Finally, some peace and quiet’, said one passenger, as the aircraft plummeted towards the Atlantic Ocean. 285 more words

Airplane Makers Looking to Tech to Reduce Number of Human Pilots

Reuters news agency reports that airplane manufacturers are working to adapt jets to reduce the number of pilots needed for long-haul flights and to build new cockpits designed for a single aviator in order to ease a global pilot shortage and cut airline costs. 98 more words

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Old Spice And A Woman Who Nose Best Help Out This Hapless Pilot

Like a lot of Old Spice’s ads, this one is splashy has been getting a ton of views (6.4 million on YouTube to date) and comments online. 87 more words

The hardest parts of pilot training

Pilot training

Initial pilot training can be tough. Whenever someone is new to flying there is a lot of things to do & learn. Beside building theoretical background knowledge there is also… 83 more words