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good morning

Hello yes good morning! I’m not going to lie when I saw my first post got two views I spent my entirety of my shower this morning thinking of my next post and how I can stay humble with this new found internet fame. 82 more words


That's What I Think: Flying Is Beautiful And Terrifying

Damon fly’s quite often and it provides beautiful views but it’s also terrifying! Think about it,  “when planes go bad they pretty much go all the way bad,” he says. 54 more words

If You Missed It

Beginner fountain pens for left handers

Back in 2009, I’ve purchased this old school dip pen with detachable nibs and wooden handle but never really got into using it as much. Mainly because writing in the wrong angle was challenging for my left hand. 659 more words


hello yes welcome

hello yes and welcome! I’m glad you’re here! No seriously I’m glad someone has come to check out what goes on in my mind.


Asian American Pacific-Islander Transportation History: Major Arthur Chin, Pilot

Aviation pioneer Arthur Chin was born in Portland, Oregon, in 1913 to a mother with a Peruvian background and a Chinese father of Taishanese origin. Arthur Chin developed a strong interest in human flight at an early age. 477 more words


EOS being used in Charity Pilot in Venezuela

EOS recently was used successfully in a pilot in Venezuela that helped many food-challenged families receive EOS on a daily basis, convert it to cash, and buy food at markets to feed their families. 56 more words


Ronnie Liang Pursues Lifelong Dream, Gets a Boost from Aviation Marketing Solutions

From being an actor-singer, Ronnie Liang popularly known for his original song ‘Ngiti’ gets the chance to have his life-long dream come true.

He’s not abandoning showbiz, he’s just pursuing something he had been wanting to be since he was a child: to become a pilot. 237 more words