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When people tell me about excursions or holidays in England, I do look at them rather shocked and bewildered. I seem to forget how much there actually is to do in England and how lucky we are to be surrounded by beautiful countryside. 110 more words

The Arthur Gordon Pimm's of Nantucket: A Beverage

Many years ago I heard of an intimidating beverage called “The Hangman’s Blood”, ostensibly invented by Anthony Burgess. Burgess called the Hangman’s Blood “a beery concoction of many liquors and stout and champagne.” Sometime after hearing of Burgess’ “invention”, I was quietly and purely by chance reading an odd children’s novel called “A High Wind in Jamaica by Richard Hughes. 531 more words


5 things I discovered last week

Life’s an education, as the saying goes (unless I just made that up?) and last week was no exception! I made new discoveries, refound old discoveries and created a new and tasty drink! 123 more words

Life And Living

Bittersweet: A Case for Bitters

If you find the liqueur aisle at the liquor store intimidating, this post is for you.

A dizzying display of colours, catchy labels, and sweet concoctions, it’s hard to choose the right one. 521 more words


Pimm's: The Perfect Summer Cocktail

I seem to read a lot of books that take place in Great Britain, specifically London.  I’m pretty sure it was one of the Bridget Jones books that introduced me to Pimm’s.   487 more words


Book club social

For various reasons book club decided not to have a specific book ‘on the menu’ for August, but to have a summer ‘social’ where we just meet and chat. 489 more words


Cocktail Pimms

Alors oui, c’est pas vraiment une recette, puisqu’on part d’un produit qui est déjà prêt. Mais c’est pas grave. J’aime bien ces proportions. Et c’est pas mauvais en été, quand il fait très chaud. 101 more words