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The start of summer = The start of BBQ season

Ok so here come the obligatory BBQ photos! Nothing says british summer like a disposable BBQ in your back garden… and that’s exactly we did. 322 more words


The Project in hand

We recently learned that a beautiful and well initiated member of the Shirley Girls (an endearing and unambitious name we gave ourselves back in our late teens)  is wedding her Dan, who is a man and who may or may not enjoy a flan. 257 more words


Six Reasons We Love the British Summer

By Kelly Wright

Summer has well and truly hit the UK. While we make the most of our mini heatwave, here are six reasons to love the British summer.

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Recipe: Pimm's cake

Quick – summer is here! Time for a Pimm’s cake. This one turned into a bit of a beast. I usually make cakes with two 8″ sponges, but as I wanted to make three different kinds of icing I went for three sponges. 907 more words


How drinking can sabotage your weight

If you like to have a drink of alcohol this is just fine as long as you don’t overdo it but I know it is so easy to be drinking lots of calories without even realising it. 145 more words

Weight Loss

How to make out of this world Pimms

Picture a blend of fruity flavors perfectly complimenting each other in a beverage that tastes so decculent you would hardly believe it was alcoholic. Well, you may start to believe after you help yourself to a few glasses of this amazing concoction! 381 more words

Pimms best friend 🍓

I whipped these little treats up just before the Wimbledon final on Sunday and they really were the perfect accompaniment to a glass of Pimms. Super quick to make, and easy to substitute various ingredients. 103 more words