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17 October 2014 – EUR/JPY – Testing the static support

Daily EUR/JPY candlestick chart. On 14 October the EUR/JPY pierced the static support at (about) 135,7 with a (nearly) long bearish candle with the daily close at 135,482. 59 more words

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26 September 2014 – EUR/GBP – Again in a down trend …

On 19 September I was wondering if the EUR/GBP would be in a flat market. That day the currency pair formed a pin bar (aka hammer), with the daily close above the static support, so the pin bar may have been the beginning of a strong reaction. 63 more words

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19 September 2014 – EUR/GBP – In a flat market ?

Daily EUR/GBP candlestick chart. From March to July the currency pair has been steadily falling under a medium term down trend line (downtrend). This trend line was pierced for the first time on the first of August. 65 more words

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14 August 2014 – EUR/CHF – I've closed my long position in loss

Today the EUR/CHF has closed under the pin bar’s low. As I stated
when I opened this trade on 10 August, I’ve close in loss my position in loss.

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10 August 2014 – EUR/CHF – A flat market and a nice pin bar on a support

I’ve opened a new long position. I think my decision is line with my trading idea:

  • The market is flat;
  • the currency pair is on a significant support;
  • 35 more words
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Confluence: The Art Of Finding Supporting Signals

Confluence: Your Best Friend In Making Trading Decisions

Let’s say right now, you are trying to make some sort of decision and are weighing the advantages and disadvantages before deciding. 169 more words