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The AUDCAD is still on the uptrend. Price moves upward since early September 2015 and broke severals resistance level on the daily time frame. Recently, price on the AUDCAD is retrace back to the old daily resistance/new daily support level around 0.9980 and printed a Pin Bar on the 12-hour chart. 84 more words

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GBPCAD Update (2)

The GBPCAD long trades worked well. After hitting my first target at 2.0546, the price then moved higher and reach my second target at 2.0925. I’m out with full profit from 2 positions. 153 more words

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Yesterday, I open 2 long positions on this pair. Price reach first target (TP 1) at 2.0546 for +111.0 pips. I’m adjusting the second (2nd) stop loss level to break-even at 2.0435 for a risk-free trade and still aiming for 2.0925. 66 more words

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Price on GBPCAD moved upward after printed double bottom and broke the daily resistance level. This resistance level has been rejected twice in the past. On the 4 hours chart below, we can see that price retrace back to the old resistance, now the new support level, form a bullish engulfing bar follow by a pin bar which also engulf the previous bar. 63 more words

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XAUUSD (Gold/US dollar) Update

Decide to open short trade yesterday. Price formed a Pin Bar on 1-hour chart. Rejected the old support/new resistance level on daily time frame. Price break the low of the pin bar at 1065.00, but the price can’t move lower and hit my stop loss level at 1070.30.  30 more words

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XAUUSD (Gold/US dollar)

Price on XAUUSD (Gold) has break-off the daily support level. This daily support level now acts as the new resistance level. Recently, the trend on this commodity shows some weaknesses. 92 more words

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Forex Chart - Nov 24, 2015: EURGBP, EURCAD, EURNOK


Like I mention earlier on Nov 20th, after forming a two-bar reversal on October 14th, the price has collapsed and pass through the major daily support level that has previously struggled at. 274 more words

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