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17 October 2014 – EUR/JPY – Testing the static support

Daily EUR/JPY candlestick chart. On 14 October the EUR/JPY pierced the static support at (about) 135,7 with a (nearly) long bearish candle with the daily close at 135,482. 59 more words

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26 September 2014 – EUR/GBP – Again in a down trend …

On 19 September I was wondering if the EUR/GBP would be in a flat market. That day the currency pair formed a pin bar (aka hammer), with the daily close above the static support, so the pin bar may have been the beginning of a strong reaction. 63 more words

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19 September 2014 – EUR/GBP – In a flat market ?

Daily EUR/GBP candlestick chart. From March to July the currency pair has been steadily falling under a medium term down trend line (downtrend). This trend line was pierced for the first time on the first of August. 65 more words

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14 August 2014 – EUR/CHF – I've closed my long position in loss

Today the EUR/CHF has closed under the pin bar’s low. As I stated
when I opened this trade on 10 August, I’ve close in loss my position in loss.

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10 August 2014 – EUR/CHF – A flat market and a nice pin bar on a support

I’ve opened a new long position. I think my decision is line with my trading idea:

  • The market is flat;
  • the currency pair is on a significant support;
  • 35 more words
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