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Rollers vs. Pin Curls

I’ve been experimenting with my hair a lot to try to achieve an authentic ’40s look. My hair is fairly long – longer than my shoulders but shorter than my waist – so because of the weight, the shorter, bouncy curls of the 1950s are not compatible with my hair. 461 more words

Retro Style

Old School Atmosphere | OOTD

I don’t run away from modernity. I was raised in a modern world so I embrace where I am today (or should I say “when”?).  I enjoy the juxtaposition of modern style and traditional style. 192 more words


Chuck Charles inspired Outfit | Pushing Daisies

Pushing Daisies is by far my favourite series. I love everything about it, the way it is told, the characteres, the stories, the clothing. I can’t decide on a favourite character, though I really love Lee Pace and Kristin Chenoweth as actors (and her as a singer), but I don’t only love Ned and Olive, I love Chuck and Emerson as well (as actually everybody else in Pushing Daisies. 583 more words

Tales & Thoughts

Casual Vintage Hairstyle Ideas

As much as I love wearing my hair down in vintage-styled waves, it’s a struggle maintaining those perfect curls that I’ve worked so hard to form in front of my bathroom mirror. 711 more words


Minnie Mouse

I’m not that much into Disney, actually. I mean, I really like the movies, I’d love to got to a park and I’m into a lot of their adaptation, but I don’t consider it the best thing ever. 618 more words

Wardrobe & Vanity

Hair| Pin Curls

So I’ve been saying for ages I’d do a pin curl tutorial. I tried, I really did try, but no one would photograph me doing it… I tried doing it my self. 29 more words