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How Did I Get Here?

This is an interesting story, it starts a few years back.  My Rotary Club held a pinball social in September of 2013 at the Pinball Asylum, a private collection of pinball machines in an upstairs warehouse near my home.  497 more words


Pin Head Drops

There is a drizzle out there
drop by drop come the rain
not big ones as I wish
tiny as pin heads they fall
wanted it to last for a time… 74 more words


Full Moon Streaming Day 1 - "Puppet Master I & II" Review

With one week free to run rampant on Full Moon Entertainment’s new instant streaming site, the only logical thing to do is lock the door, turn off the lights, hide under the sheets, and binge on whatever gorefest, frightfest, creepshow or otherwise horror, cult, scifi or fantasy schlock one can cram in. 950 more words


I may have a pin head, but there seems to be a lot packed into that tiny skull of mine!

An odd blog post title, I grant you, but it appears to be true.  Medically.

So, having been diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, and because I went to see the Doctor to say I thought I may be going mad, they performed a few more tests, with startling results. 721 more words

In Court

I told you guys I’d be back!
I discovered this little thing that allows me to upload a post earlier and post it later, automatically! 50 more words

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At the Club

Sorry the updates have been so sporadic as of late.

The day of my last final, I immediately took up a job cutting grass for gas sites.   89 more words

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I will never, ever, ever write a good song ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

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