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Help, I'm Buried Under Passwords!

How did life get so complicated? Nowadays, we can hardly do anything without a password or pin number. I tried to get some address labels printed the other day. 413 more words


The Pain in Pin numbers

Do you own a credit card? If so, have you received the latest variety that has a chip embedded in your card and which requires you to memorise a certain four digit number that you are required not to disclose to anyone even if you are tied, gagged and have lighted matches stuck between your toes? 401 more words

Short And Snappy

I Can Guess Your PIN

Using a simple trick I can guess your PIN for your debit card.
This normally works around 30% of the time. So here goes…

I’m seeing a 7, a 1, a 4 and finally a 5. 153 more words

Sad Story

A Sad Sad Story

No flicker of the eyelid,
no sparkle in the eye,
no frown of concentration,
no friendly conversation,
no warmth to the touch, 32 more words


Identity Theft

Assuming you have access to some form of media, whether it be the television, radio, or internet, you generally will find some news regarding identity theft. 360 more words


There is no code

Our society likes code. Our consumer industry is now built on bar codes that are scanned to provide immediate inventory information. Even our medical information is coded and scanned by medical facilities. 588 more words

the commonwealth bank, and doing business in china

China likes money. Walk into a hardware store, find the generator you want, the hydraulic hoses, fifty five grades of sand paper, two litres of cockroach poison and all they want is… 899 more words