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Bettie gets personal with The Blue Haired Betty

I recently had the pleasure of touching base with the stunning Blue Haired Betty. Not only is this Betty a proudly South African pin up gal, but also one of my style icons and possibly the loveliest babe you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. 3,441 more words


Pinups, pageants and rivals

Leading up to the pageant that took place over the weekend, I spent a lot of time watching YouTube videos on perfecting the pinup look/walk/hair/everything. The one thing that I noticed was that a lot of the girls warned against bitchy Pinups. 660 more words

Pin Up Girls

Artist of the moment.........Anton Henning

Anton Henning is a contemporary artist who works in many mediums. Anton Henning was born Berlin, Germany in the year 1964. Henning works as a painter, sculptor, writer, photographer, and film. 184 more words

Approaching Pin Up Girls 101

You usually see them gliding between classic cars in packs of 2 or 3. Perfectly curled hair frames faces that have been rouged and powdered to pristine proportions. 903 more words

Girls Who Lift

Free Sex Calculator and Condom Pep Talk

Like Wonder Woman to a common criminal, fight STD’s by respecting yourself and being prepared.

This site is dedicated to those who like sex. Not for those who are doing it for validation or something gross like that. 124 more words

Fun Read

Day Tripping – Angela’s Picnic, Pin Ups and Revelations

My post on the Colonial is still sitting in my drafts folder from last week’s day trip, as are 2 other incomplete blog posts that are waiting to be completed. 808 more words