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The right needle

I was fortunate enough to be asked by Barbara, the owner of Joggles, to stitch a few of her wool houses for a video. She was generous and gave me extra pieces to use for my own designs. 245 more words


Pincushion Progress

I made a pincushion with some of the scraps left over from the quilt tops I’ve been working on. The fabric is from Andover’s Natural History deisgned by Lizzy House and… 36 more words



…or how I found use for my ever-growing scrap yarn stash!

Honestly, scrap yarn never seems to go away! And since two days ago I came a cross a tutorial on making pattern weights, which is a clever way of avoiding fabric holes made by pins, I knew I had to make them! 206 more words


Pesky rip-off merchants

Here’s one for the designer-makers. Let me tell you a story I’m sure you’ll find familiar.

Once upon a time a creative person driven to the end of their tether by working in dullsville hits on the idea of selling things they’ve made online. 444 more words


Starting to Sew

After a rather drawn out saga with my sewing machine I finally got around to using it.

Rewind over a year to the last time I tried to use it and it didn’t work: My aunt ‘fixed’ it. 523 more words


Kirstenbosch Spring 1

The Spring flowers in the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens are spectacular this year. Here in the first of a few posts are some photos I took of the display put up by the King Proteas. 13 more words