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125 years of Basketball in Little Rock

On April 7, 1893, the Arkansas Gazette ran stories about the final day of horse racing at Clinton Park racetrack (the park stretched roughly from what is today’s Clinton Presidential Park through the East Village to Clinton National Airport), the men who were soon to take office as aldermen met to plan for their upcoming City Council terms, and a preview of a new sport coming to Little Rock. 180 more words


Big Piph Interview

Rapper, speaker and philathropist Big Piph is a well-traveled ambassador of goodwill. In his music, he’s known to insert positive messages and good vibes into his lyrics, and in life, he intends to do the same. 1,267 more words


MCD - Pine Bluff 5 (end)

“Can’t you just say, ‘the end?’ one of the pharmacists I work with asked.  The man’s idea of ‘writing’ is a doctor’s illegible scribbles onto a pad, so I value his opinion not at all.  634 more words


MCD - Pine Bluff 4

I realized that in serializing this story, I have begun to leave each post on a cliff-hanger.  Very bad form:  if that becomes a habit, my novels will suffer to the point of death. 955 more words


MCD - Pine Bluff 3

Busy day at work; tired.

Had to forage for dinner.

Dry and itchy from the winter weather.

Wife suggested we just watch something.

In other words, I was given every opportunity to not write something today.  775 more words


MCD - Pine Bluff 2

Okay.  Maybe 1200-1500.  And the check’s in the mail.  I swear. 432 more words


MCD - Pine Bluff 1

I suspected this would happen:  my small writing exercise would trigger something that goes on longer.  I’m hoping – hoping! – that this is only going to be 1000-1200 words, total.  464 more words