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FO: Pine Forest Baby Blanket

This blanket has been a bit of a slog. It’s for friends who are having a second baby so they already have a Tiramisu blanket… 185 more words

Knitting And Crochet

Gull Lace Pattern

Gulls flit and drift
Over, under, between the shiny metal posts
Through the lacy windows
Sea tinged air their wings lightly lifts

Their calls are lost in the sound of waves… 53 more words


Keep Calm and Knit On

I was very grateful, during the events of this week, to have the comfort of knitting.  I knit through all the news reports (and turned them off when they became too much, and kept knitting).  466 more words

Divided Attention

I thought I’d end up calling this post “And Still More Snow Day Knitting.”  As I write this, it’s snowing.  No, this isn’t the least bit problematic.  675 more words

Snow Day Knitting

We’re finally getting a decent snowstorm here (better late than never), and I’m going to be spending at least part of it watching the snow fall and knitting. 286 more words

False Startitis

I’m not very good at being a monagamous knitter.  In fact, I’m terrible at it.  My most recent attempt lasted exactly one day.  Yes, one day.  837 more words