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Benefits of eating Pine Nuts

I was in sprouts looking for goodies and came across pine nuts. They looked like any other nut but the biggest difference was the bright yellow tag that read 19.99 per pound .hmmmm seemed pricey so I was curious to what they were good for. 446 more words


Shrimp and Zucchini "Zoodles" with Hummus Sauce

Zoodles! Time to get on the Spiralizer train – this zoodle recipe is HOT. And oh so incredibly easy! Don’t own a Spiralizer yet? Get… 641 more words


Food Log Friday & Cilantro Pesto Recipe

Oh cilantro! It seems like people either love it or hate it. Interestingly, this may be due to a genetic trait.

I’ll admit it. I’m a cilantro lover. 596 more words


Roasted Green Beans & Red Onion Salad

I love eating salads for lunch…I try to make a variety so I don’t get bored. Since roasting veggies just makes them taste so much better I added some roasted green beans and red onion wedges to today’s salad and then topped the salad with toasted pine nuts, shaved Parmesan and drizzled on a champagne vinaigrette….just lovely! 202 more words

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Armenian Cheesy Rice

So I guess everyone is buying or cooking up some game munchies and getting ready to sit back and watch the Superbowl, host or hang out with friends. 1,097 more words

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UGLY VEGETABLES ARE PERFECT - Roasted Carrots with Yoghurt and Tahini Sauce

I was reading TIME magazine this week and in one of its articles they mentioned a food trend for 2017, and in very big letters it said … ugly vegetables go mainstream. 304 more words


A Different Shape Of Pasta For Us

My American-Italian husband is just a FREAK for pasta.  You name it.  Rigatoni (his favorite), Elbow, Cavatappi, Ditalini, Orecchiette, Lasagne, Spaghetti, Fettuccini, you get the idea. 97 more words

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