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The Culprit

Everything outside is covered in a fine yellow powder.  There’s no use washing the table or chairs on the deck, the furniture on the front porch, or the cars. 81 more words


BIO Products for healthy lifestyle

Nutritional supplements  are intended to complete a lack of these or those substances of a diet. As a rule they contains all necessary vitamins, minerals (calcium, selenium, zinc, magnesium) nutrients, amino-acids and antioxidants, important for any organism functioning. 247 more words

Babinga and Health: yes or no?

Babinga is an ensemble of good for human being health and beauty useful elements: minerals, fats, amino-acids, fatty amino-acids, vitamins and building components like protein, carbs, fiber that can be in each organism in a right amount. 353 more words

Pine Pollen Power

Every year, in late spring, people tend to grumble about pine and its ubiquitous pollen here in Southern Appalachia and the Deep South. There’s the usual allergies and then there’s the golden-yellow coating that was on every-single-thing outside. 707 more words



The drought has ended. The rains have ceased for the moment. The sun is shining. The sky is blue and temperatures are rising. Yesterday morning I jumped at the opportunity to enjoy the tranquility of a morning outdoors. 269 more words

New Hampshire


Pine pollen from Pine Trees is a great supplement known for it’s adaptogenic properties, immune enhancing capability, metabolic balancing and as a hormone regulator. It can be harvested once a year for a short time in the spring from the Pine cones. 202 more words