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Tom 365 - May 25, 2016

Naked Pines.

These twisting cones are the reproductive organs of the pine trees in our back yard. They are the pollen producing villians responsible for my severely swollen nose this spring.



The view from my house. What a lovely day.


In The Wild!

Walking the doggies this morning I took a picture of all the different flowers I could find!  I hope you enjoy them!

I also found new growth on the pine trees and some baby currents.   22 more words

Tree of Life 

After our wintry summer in the Czech Republic we have returned filled with newfound vigour and hope.

Life does deal us remarkable events. This beautiful tree in Northern Tasmania, near Boat Harbour has come to symbolise new family connections and the strengthening of familial bonds – both near and far.


sorry dreams

Pine (2) – Verb.

  1. To lose vigor, health or flesh (as through grief) : languish
  2. To yearn intensely and persistently especially for something unattainable

It always goes like this: 299 more words



As I lie in bed each morning, I can see across my study and out through the window. The view is out between two rooftops, a small cluster of trees compromising two tall pines and a few birches. 117 more words


echoes of the forest (tan renga)

the cool breeze
fills the empty vault of heaven
with the voice of the pine tree
© Onitsura

echoes of a woodpecker
marking his territory

(c) Tournesol’16

Tan Renga