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Wonder Bagels

My local coffee shop, Grind Shop, makes amazing coffee. I’m not entirely sure I’m qualified to say they have the best coffee in JC since on the weekdays my coffee usually comes from one of the big corporate sweatshops, and, on most weekends, from an industrial sized vat of Kirkland brand coffee. 1,390 more words

June 14

Cascade Trail


The trail transforms from hard to soft

Looking up the sky is needled

Below my feet a tan carpet


Moss covers rocks like a carpet… 42 more words


Pine pollen - everything you didn’t know about pine trees

We live in a forest of pine trees. Unlike flowering plants, pine trees don’t attract bees or butterflies for pollination. The wind does the job of transferring pollen from male cones to female cones or on other trees. 35 more words

Stream of Consciousness Saturday — Start with a noun, 6/9/18

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “start with a noun.” Start your post with a noun, and write about whatever it is. Have fun!

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Linda G. Hill