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Palatine Views

The Palatine Hill, site of the most ancient settlement of Rome, is part of the archeological park that includes the Roman Forum.  Most visitors to the shady garden on the top of hill probably arrive hot and tired after queuing at the main entrance then touring the vast number of ancient buildings and ruins around the Forum before climbing the steep hillside. 205 more words

Towns And Cities

Pines Near Kaunas, Lithuania 

A lot of green spaces around Kaunas. Pines on the southeastern side.

Blue Sky

Over Head

“Over Head”

In the wilderness, all is quiet.  The trees softly hum as they sway with the wind.  As you look up, it makes the drive to get there worth it all.


Hide and Seek

When I play hide and seek with my grandkids the joy is in being found. “Come find me,” they yell from their hiding place, then squeal for joy when I find them. 116 more words


Problems on reviving the "City of Pines"

By LORRAINE SIGNEY | 06 April 2018

BAGUIO CITY — With efforts towards the conservation, protection, enhancement, utilization, and rehabilitation of the city’s environment, the City Ordinance No. 362 more words

Baguio City

Dead or Dying

I have a pine tree in my backyard. It’s not growing in the ground, this particular pine tree. Instead, it is in a pot, a small pot, and I fear that ultimately, that pot, though attractive, is too small, and has strangled the life out of this fine tree. 412 more words

Weed or coffee or whatever?

Here in Portland, Oregon one can choose to start his or her morning any number of ways: weed, coffee, or whatever else gets you goin’. . 132 more words