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Sky is approaching

Away from a tumultuous world

And the ones claiming they are the walking truth,

Pine trees are stilling.

Whispering to very few:

 Sky is approaching.

Behold the unchangeable truth.

'Selfie' and Tourism

Today we can see that everyone has a mobile phone that equip with a camera. The better the phone is, the better the camera. 10 years ago, if we wanted to take pictures every time we travel or gather with friends, we would bring a pocket camera . 709 more words


Peredo’s Lodging House: Relive History At This Doll House in Baguio City

Peredo’s Lodging House: Relive History At This Doll House

I believe Baguio is the fairest of them all – or perhaps, I haven’t seen everything. But talking about the places that I’ve been to, my love for… 1,165 more words


Signs of the Times

Sometimes it feels like we have only been on the farm and working on this house for a few years and then I remember that it has actually been over 6 years since we moved in. 207 more words


"Lost Lake"

“Lost Lake”

As the sun slowly rises, the mist on the lake begins to disappear.  The water is absolutely still as Mt. Hood stands tall, even in its own reflection.   15 more words