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Nine Fine Pines

There are over 175 different types of pine trees. Several are native to Canada, but many more can be found within our borders as well. Pines are cone-bearing coniferous trees with long needles that come in bundles of 2-5 bunches and are often long-lived, growing from 100-1000 years. 917 more words


Burdensome Weather

Our weather has been chilly and wet for a few days now, enough that it is beginning to feel like a burden to face it. I suppose the fact that the temperature is dropping below the freezing point and the wind is picking up to gale force gusts, may be contributing to the desire to batten down the hatches and snuggle indoors under a thick blanket. 271 more words


The Sunday Currently | Volume 3

The Sunday Currently | Volume 3

I’m aching all over. (Disclaimer: This is not a melodramatic note.) I just want to forget what had happened but this body pain just reminds me of everything. 147 more words



On days like this I regret not always having my SLR with me. It was such a beautiful and crisp morning, one of the first really cold ones and everything looked sharper and clearer, in a way. 102 more words


November 7, 2015: Snapshot in Time

We’ve been quite busy since our return from our mini-vacation in Oregon last month.  I know I haven’t posted the remaining photos from the trip but, in all honesty, taking care of the yard before the weather gets worse seemed more important at this point.   828 more words

The Journey

They Are Beautiful

Yesterday, I shared a video about starlings. A flock of starlings covered the trees in our street. They were very active and not easy to capture one of them. 15 more words