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PING 9: You are Enough.

Read, and tell a friend.


“Sometimes it’s convenient for us to train our minds on what belongs to us and what does not. “I don’t deserve this”, “I don’t deserve him” 151 more words


Time management, the key to creation of a successful information product

A couple of months ago I started to work on my first information product with great enthusiasm. I was saying to myself that it has to be a masterpiece, it has to be no-bullshit, actionable guide that adds real value to customers. 391 more words

Update beta 0.4.2

Esta aquí!!

Después de una semana de trabajo la nueva versión esta aquí, quizás no por mucho (siempre se puede seguir mejorando), pero trae muchas mejoras: 112 more words

Ping from outside to inside:
iptables -A INPUT -p icmp --icmp-type echo-request -j ACCEPT
iptables -A OUTPUT -p icmp --icmp-type echo-reply -j ACCEPT

Ping from inside to outside:
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Led Ping Pong

Play Free Online Led Ping Pong Game.