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CULT TV Essentials: Pingu

Pingu is a British-Swiss stop-motion animated children’s comedy television series created by Otmar Gutmann and produced from 1986 to 2000 for Swiss television by Trickfilmstudio and The Pygos Group. 331 more words


Sending to Finland

Hello again.

So I just wanted to upload quickly. I’m sending one to Finland and on the receivers profile it states that they like any relating to books. 54 more words


Things to do and fall in love with in Helsinki

Winter is probably not the most desirable time to travel for most of the people. Two jumpers and your backpack is full, you never know how many layers are enough or what kind of snow storm you’ll get stuck in. 862 more words


Piia eats fear for breakfast


After telling about my life story last week, I have received so many kind words and I want to thank you for that! As you might know, I really like to eat. 457 more words


What penguins do for Christmas?

Merry Christmaaas!

Okay, it’s too late for that. And it’s to early for the one that will come in 2016. Someone might say it’s never too late for nice wishes. 415 more words


Petteri’s story - the artsy nerd penguin

Sorry for my late check-in. I’m Petteri and I’ve noticed that nobody was mentioning me at all since Piia had such an interesting social life lately. 409 more words