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Things that Make Me Laugh

When I’m feeling done in, when I’m feeling low as a wrinkly balloon and can’t keep my head up for the exhaustion of being a self-made millionairess (yeah right), I like to find things that make me laugh. 331 more words

The World is Technologies Oyster


This week i created a Sound Cloud pod cast, full script is found below:

This weeks topic, after much deliberation on what all the content actually meant, took me on a journey back to my childhood with the idea of digital crafting and transformation, the one example that came straight to mind was the infamous Pingu. 233 more words

Digital Crafting - A Playful Time

Digital crafting is a difficult concept to undertake; ultimately it is the change from making to crafting with the added element of digital technology.

I think I have come to some sort of conclusion of this topic and what it really means. 191 more words


We need to talk about Norman

There’s a simple truth neither spoken nor acknowledged in the quiet Welsh town of Pontypandy – the setting for Fireman Sam. It’s a truth that has haunted my thoughts for no good reason over the past few days. 851 more words


Creepy Children's Programming Reviews: PINGU

I haven’t done one of these in a while, mostly because the boy’s last couple of obsessions have been shows that I’ve liked.  Pingu tends to come and go, and I’m mostly writing this because the damn show is about to make a milestone for itself: it’s getting damn close to being the first show that I’ve ever  641 more words