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Richard's Thoughts #1


The cause of the ice caps melting isn’t down to global warming or pollution… it’s because of PINGU!! 121 more words


January 26, 2017

There were a lot of television shows that I used to love as a child. Here are little snippets of some of my favorites. 292 more words

Episode One: Arabian Nights (BECAUSE ITS A HAREM SHOW! GEDDIT?!)

The only thing I dislike more than Cute Girls doing Cute Things tends to be base fan-service shows (Just go and make porn, christ) and Harem shows, where a million girls circle around 1 guy, as if if his dick holds the secret sauce of immortality itself. 367 more words


My Ultimate Christmas Toys of Childhood

It’s fair to say I had some pretty spiffing Christmases growing up. Being in a family of seven as well, always meant that our living room on Christmas morning was a Technicolor haze of wild wrapping paper strewn abandon, like some sort of elf convention on steroids. 828 more words


5 Prototype Needle Felting Kits to make a Penguin Chick - plus Free Advent Calender Card from Sweden

Available from SmallWoollyElephant on Etsy – a  Needle Felting Kit to make a Penguin Chick plus for the first 5 Prototypes we are including a beautiful free Advent Calender Card from Sweden. 23 more words


My first blog entry1 4/10/2016

Today, on Python I learnt how to create a quiz using strings, imports and variables. I also made a mistake (which was involving a colon) it enabled me to complete my quiz on capital cities!


monster movies

The weekend is finally here people, time to gorge your tired mind on beer and vacant entertainments full of subliminal messages that control your actions via a variety of sicky glowing screens. 307 more words

Supersonic Festival