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These are 10 words that I have come up with that all begin with the letter J: 1-Jam    2-Jar    3-Jet    4-Jacket    5- Jeep    6-Jump    7- Juice    8- Jaguar    9-Jeans    10-Jelly… 190 more words


This is a very long post title naming my five favorite fictional characters of all time

These are my five favorite fictional characters. It’s really hard to pick because I like so many things. I’m also really bad at making choices for stuff like this. 26 more words



If  you’re trying to raise your levels of serotonin after a particularly savage night on the sauce, I’d recommend perusing the following Twitter accounts:

Pingu Problems… 70 more words



In light of recent events that have unfolded in one of my university’s libraries with my friends, this is officially the greatest website I have ever seen. 44 more words

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