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Pingu in the City, episode 4

7 mins, score 8

Pingu becomes a bread maker in this one.

I can’t see this being a very good episode for kids in all honesty. 84 more words


Smiling with Pingu in the City

At this moment, Pingu is currently holding steady at number 19 over at MAL. While it’s mostly due to trolling, I don’t mind this because there are a lot of people who are apparently angry that Pingu is considered an anime. 26 more words


Pingu in the City ep 1

7 mins, score 7

I had to watch this for the nostalgia. It’s been so long since I last saw Pingu though…

It’s fun enough. If you don’t know already, Pingu is a young penguin that’s like, curious about everything and almost always seriously messes up and makes other penguin mad at him. 89 more words


Level-up Day

Thank you for making my day. I love you beyond the realms of this world. Beyond time and space. You make me happy and that is something only a few have managed to do. 6 more words


Channa Mereya 

This kid is the love of my life. Surely, one can never understand what I mean until they’ve had kids of their own or raised kids themselves. 23 more words