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Field - Maker pt3

The next part of the project involved making a box for our pinhole camera that matched the photos we had been taking. 353 more words


Field - Maker pt 2

Next we learnt about developing the photos. When you’ve first captured an image you put it into the developing solution and the image appears. If it shows too quickly it means it’s over exposed. 172 more words


Field - Maker pt 1

We began the project by making pinhole cameras. Ours was constructed from a small paint tin, sprayed black inside to stop the light bouncing around. We dried a hole in the side then taped a piece of coke can with a pinhole over it. 423 more words


Lower Manhattan Jaunt

On my Lower Manhattan jaunt I took two pinhole cameras:  a coffee can model; and a rectangular box type.  My photo journey began uptown, of course, at the 178th Street Port Authority Bus Terminal.  312 more words

Camera Obscura

Camera obscura is latin for dark chamber. Every camera is basically a dark chamber with a hole to let light in and create an image but a camera obscura is usually just a box with a pinhole and the outside image is projected inside the box flipped upside down. 242 more words

Holiday Cheer Pinhole style

Wishing you all a very happy holiday and may peace fill the air.

Holga, 120 pinhole camera and Kodak film.

Englewood Brookside Cemetery

Low, raking winter light in a local cemetery with a variety of pinhole cameras, from coffee can to small circular tin, giving a rondel image.  The name on the tomb below is Rathbone, but I don’t know if it has any connection to Basil.  26 more words