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Total Fun with a Partial Eclipse

“Oh no! Not another eclipse blog!” Well, yes, but since we weren’t in the path of totality, we had to do things a bit differently. No fancy filtered photos of a brilliant corona hanging in a black sky (let’s face it, unless you’re an astronomer, almost every eclipse photo taken since cameras and eclipses got together look pretty much the same). 930 more words

It's An Artist's Life

Eclipsing the Sun with Froot Loops and Rice Krispies

Viewing the solar eclipse has been on my calendar for several months and the only concern was figuring out where I was going to be. I thought of going to Wyoming or even Oklahoma where one small town set up a chicken coop in the center of town so people could watch the chickens roost. 577 more words

Home And Children

Pinhole Camera Version of the Eclipse

Can’t look at the sun, so we tried a box with a pin hole in it.  The smaller box was too small to take a picture in so a long narrow one did the trick.  Our version of the eclipse.

Living Simply

Before My Guests Arrive...

I thought my guests would be here today, but there was a miscommunication and we were off by a day. So I figured I’d get one more post up before I am too busy for the week. 374 more words

Path of Totality (almost)

Yesterday, a good portion of the United States had the rare opportunity to experience a solar eclipse. Boise, Idaho wasn’t in the “path of totality” 184 more words


Celestial Serenade

Today I experienced the North American total solar eclipse. Sort of. As I live in Toronto, north of the band of totality cutting centrally across the continent, ours was a semi-eclipse, with about 70% coverage. 539 more words