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In the Wild

I ventured into the local Teaneck Creek Conservancy for some landscape shots.  They have a labyrinth for contemplation, where I attempted that.  Shot with a coffee can pinhole. 75 more words

Late Halloween Bit

The Bloody Cardinal was caught on camera, in a two-minute exposure, no less, in my backyard.  This was taken with a new camera, a coffee can pinhole on which I fixed a tripod mount.

Pinhole and Not

It was a dull, cloudy day out, so even with some lights turned on, this interior shot was exposed for about 9,000 seconds; that’s two and one-half hours.  65 more words

Medieval NYC

Alongside the entrance ramp to the George Washington Bridge in northern Manhattan, stuck between two enormous buildings that are part of NY Presbyterian Hospital, there is an old walk-up apartment building.  142 more words

No Cars on the NJ Turnpike

A sixty-second exposure of the northbound NJ Turnpike, just a few miles before the George Washington Bridge.  Since it’s a pinhole, the fencing is in focus despite it’s being almost right up against the camera.  93 more words

Route 4 Overpass at Teaneck Road

The image above was taken with my 0.406mm/5-inch camera, on Route 4 at the overpass with Teaneck Road.  The passing traffic is just a white blur in this two-minute exposure.  31 more words

Selfie Trifecta

A bright sunny day, and I decided to do three shots of the same subject, each with a different camera.  Naturally, the subject is myself. 226 more words