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First Attempt At Light Painting

An attempt at light painting with a pinhole gone mysteriously wrong, yet I am happy with the turn out. My goal was to light paint the word “love”, but instead it came out with what appears to be two mysterious figures wrapped within each other. 12 more words


Different Views Of A Pinhole Cameras


Having started out in photography with a digital camera, when I began looking into pinhole cameras, my first thought was how do you know what your field of view would be and how would you be able to compose an image and ensure that you are getting exactly what you want in the frame? 592 more words


Unifying Creativity - A Light Proof Box (Part 2)

A Light Proof Box / Pinhole Photography (Part 2)

Welcome to part 2 of  “A Light Proof Box/ Pinhole Photography”.

In case you missed the first part: 913 more words


Zionskirche - Berlin

The Zionskirche is a landmark church about 2km north of Alexanderplatz in Berlin.

In the mid 1980s, its rectory was home to the Umwelt-Bibliothek, or environmental library, which was an important center of opposition against the DDR government. 137 more words

Pinhole Photography

Silver emulsion on glass rediscovered

When I prepared a batch of SE1 Emulsion coated dry glass plates back in June/July last year I also had a small supply of microscope slide glass that I coated with the left-over emulsion. 417 more words

Glass Plate