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USS Ling...

A rather grey, humid, drizzly day today, but I decided to try and get another wide-angle outdoor shot with my homemade pinhole.  I found a great vantage point at the open lot at the intersection of Bridge and Court Streets, visible in the satellite image-map below.  281 more words

From Paris to Pinhole

Last May, I spent a very pleasant few days in Paris, where I ran across this bookstore, Artazart.  I bought a pleasing book with the allusive title of… 947 more words

Shoebox pincam: Problem analysis and resolution

The problem

The shoebox pincam has been more difficult to master than I had anticipated. In my previous blog post I recorded the design and construction, followed by a test exposure which I estimated to be a little over exposed. 1,416 more words

Pinhole Photography

5 days with my new Zero Image

I recently spent 5 relaxing days at my friend Doris’ cabin along the Salmon River near Mt Hood. We had great weather, although a bit windy on some days, but no rain. 358 more words


The Shoebox constant radius pincam

The plan

It seems to be the way of things with me that ideas spring to mind in the oddest of places at the oddest of times. 1,713 more words

Pinhole Photography

last year, this year

I’m trying not to compare. But, last year at this time I was on a wild mission with films and cameras and taking pictures. It’s not that I’m uninspired this year… it’s maybe that I want to avoid taking the same pictures over and over. 387 more words


Back to basics

Forget the Digital Photography sensation where everything is worked out for us, this is back to basics where it all started.

The ‘ Pin Hole Camera ‘ made from anything, match box, shoe box, pringles tube, only limited by your imagination. 105 more words