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On Photography and Art

People enjoy photography I think because it is a challenge. If it was easy to produce an exceptional photograph every time you pressed the shutter, no one would be interested in it. 280 more words


Trunk and Leaf

Shot with a pinhole camera pressed into a fork in the tree trunks. 23 more words


Alois Senefelder

Hidden in the bushes in Senefelderplatz, in Berlin, lies a bedraggled monument to the platz’s namesake: Alois Senefelder. In 1796 he invented the printing process known as lithography, by which most books, magazines, and many other printed things are made. 82 more words

Pinhole Photography

First Homemade Pinhole Camera

I finally got myself together and made my first pinhole camera. I decided to go with a circular box just to change things up a little since all of my pinhole cameras are the typical box style. 215 more words


Focus is Overrated

The last Sunday in April was Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day.

Like everything else, pinhole photography sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t, and most of the results can be mediocre (including my own). 340 more words


A Smith Gallery Photo Exhibit - the imperfect lens

On May 3rd I had announced that two of my self-portrait images were chosen to be exhibited at A Smith Gallery in Johnson City, Texas. I was not able to attend the opening but they were so kind to send some images of the gallery set-up and reception. 32 more words

Pinhole Photography