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What a Strange World We Live In

Four Artspan photographers share their strange new worlds.

People greeted the earliest photographs with wonder and amazement because of their ability to faithfully reproduce reality. No other art form had enabled us to recreate nature exactly as it is, to provide us with a true and accurate record of an exact instant in time. 1,519 more words



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Black And White Photography

Pinhole exposure

I recently submitted my pinhole picture of a ukulele to a gallery on The Guardian‘s website and I’m really pleased to see that it was amongst their selection of favourite images. 58 more words


On Pinhole Photography

Pinhole photography for me has always been one of my favorite types of capturing images. There is something about making a photograph using a simple box with a tiny hole where a camera lens would be that, to me brings me back to the essence of photography. 442 more words

Analog Photography

What is Pinholeobscura.com?

In August 2013 the idea for pinholeobscua.com seemed to fall fully formed from the brain of Monica Smith. The idea was to get some of her pin-holing friends from all over the world to collaborate on a website where we would post pinhole pictures of the world around us with the unique view that pinhole provides. 56 more words

Film Photography

Caesars Head Binoculars (a pinhole image)

A set of coin operated binoculars overlooks Table Rock far in the distance from the viewing platform at Caeasars Head state park.


Justin Quinnell

Above are demonstrations of Justin Quinnell’s work, immediately you can see he’s not a traditional photographer, the above images are strange and slightly stretched, not totally clear and quite questionable. 277 more words