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YR2COLLAB: Moving on..to Camera Obscura.

Our theme of Refugees is slowly failing us. I guess we thought it would be a great theme as its currents news, we’d have plenty of contacts and things to look at but unfortunately it’s just not that easy. 274 more words


RUFLI - the pinhole unit of measure

Everything to do with pinhole photography is measured in RUFLIs: The diameter of the hole made by the pin can be fairly accurately measured but in reality a regular pin, for instance, makes a hole that is RUFLI 0.5 mm across, the distance from the pinhole to the image plane might be RUFLI 75 mm making the aperture RUFLI f/150. 527 more words

Pinhole Photography

Making Contact

As a result of an unintended upending on a flight of steps I’ve found myself confined to the house nursing torn calf ligaments. It’s been rather frustrating sitting around with my leg up (in more ways than one!) over a fine, bright weekend when I’d much rather have been out and about with a camera. 401 more words

Glass Plate

Pinhole Photography

Today I have been experimenting with pinhole photography; although it’s a pretty long process, if you get the exposure time perfect you can create some beautiful photos. 160 more words

The Art of Lee Finch - "The Aesthetics of Nostalgia"

This month’s chosen photographer is the quirky, very busy, and wonderfully multi talented Lee Finch. Lee is one of my friends, a work colleague, my first photography tutor, and was partly responsible for developing my love of macro photography. 739 more words

Second Chances

Seven years ago she got married. It was a beautiful day, she said, full of love, laughter and nuptials to her best friend. Then the photos were returned from her photographer and…well…let’s just say those tears weren’t for joy. 169 more words


The Jealous Man And Woman - Ireland

This past April I had the great pleasure of hanging out with fellow Pinhole Obscura author, Aware Of The Void, in Ireland. He and his wife showed us some of the… 234 more words

Pinhole Photography