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Cosplay Update: Pinion's Dress

After working a bit on Exemplar’s jacket, which is still a work in progress, I have come to a halt. I need to get more material and thread before I can finish it up. 226 more words


20 Minute Pinion Seal

I’m sure we’re all going to run into this if you beat up your rigs as much as I think (hope). It’s important to fix as soon as possible to avoid bearing damage and as we all know where oil leaks out water gets in, and water is a diffs worst enemy. 619 more words


All Of the Above Are True

So the big hook of the Brian and Alex story came out Wednesday and then the Storyteller had a kinda weird breakdown today. Not sure if that means anything but it’s probably plot significant in the long run even if his ranting doesn’t make any sense now. 141 more words


Aside: Pinion (#9)

The smallest gear rotates in our machine and we respond in sequence.

Spinning eternally, never freely, in juxtaposition to a dozen larger pieces, never awake or aware, moving time steadily along its track to the end. 626 more words


PINION FORMING: how designer Piers Berry created a suave young watch brand - Salon QP

ISince launching in 2013, British watch company Pinion has blossomed as a street-smart modern brand that wears its traditional influences lightly. Founder Piers Berry tells QP how he’s built a brand from nothing. 1,555 more words

“Welcome Back.”

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Not too long after men were attacked for the way they sit down on public transport, now they’re being beaten around the head and neck for the way they stand up when using the toilet. 513 more words