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The shinola bixby obsession

I try not to make it a habit to obsess over things I won’t afford.  By won’t I mean that just because you can buy it doesn’t mean you should, or that it’s the best use of your money, or that it is ok to feed your child butter and water sandwiches for the next 6 weeks to make up for your purchase. 454 more words


All I Can Do is Sleep and Eat

Hello Friends,

As I was riding my pink bike home yesterday, covered in dirt, kicking the pedals with my steel-toed boots, my picture was taken by, yes, a Google Street View car.  137 more words


Why Custom?

Riding my new custom built Sketchy (see previous post) gives me a new perspective on the question of why one would want a custom built bike, and what custom means. 174 more words