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Jaipur, India 3/19/2017

wander back alleys of jaipur towards sunset
statue sculptors kick up some dust
chewing tobacco salesmen turn a heavy trade 37 more words

Jaipur, India 3/17/2017

1. hike up to hanuman temple
with sanu
in the morning sun
pigs, cows & dogs
all rooting in the rubbish
monkey babies 86 more words

Jaipur, India 3/16/2017

1. boom bop dance music echoes off the hotel walls
three day wedding celebration across the courtyard bumping 221 more words

Jaipur, India 3/14/2017

we wander the ancient streets
bazaar to colorful bazaar
bartering for sandals, quilts & shaving cream
tuk tuks tuk around
monkeys run the rooftops 36 more words

Jaipur, India 3/13/2017

sound of harmonium & hand drums
erupt from the lanes & streets
they’re singing & celebrating holi festival
all throughout the pink city 41 more words

Jaipur- my journey within the magnificent pink city.

The first planned city of India and the biggest city of RajasthanJaipur is popular as the pink city. Being in Delhi-Jaipur is my best weekend getaway. 581 more words


Jaipur, India 3/10/2017

1. up above the world
a string of clouds far below
india somewhere beneath in all her vastness
tumbling cartwheels 66 more words