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10 Things Jaipur City Teaches Us Everyday

We all have people in our lives that teach us something new. Why only people even the events in our lives make us learn new things. 462 more words


Toulouse: Why It Reminds Me of Philly So Much

Toulouse was my favorite city on my French vacation and I’ve now come to understand why. It reminds me of Philadelphia—the city I have both lived around and in for most of my life in the U.S. 926 more words

Fear of wasting public money in name of the Smart Cities

The city architecture plan of Jaipur, the Pink City, as it was designed, looked to be fine in present scenario too, but for the sake of developing smart city, the agencies responsible look working on break & make theory. 52 more words


Jai'pour - Pouring Joy in Jaipur !

Are you one of those extroverts who keep looking for new places to explore in the city? Does new café’s launch news excites you more than anything else? 233 more words


Jaipur, India 3/19/2017

wander back alleys of jaipur towards sunset
statue sculptors kick up some dust
chewing tobacco salesmen turn a heavy trade 37 more words

Jaipur, India 3/17/2017

1. hike up to hanuman temple
with sanu
in the morning sun
pigs, cows & dogs
all rooting in the rubbish
monkey babies 86 more words

The more you see it, the greater is the craving...Rajasthan

Its absolutely true for Rajasthan. The more you see it, the greater is the craving. It is usually known as a hot and dry region of India but it is the paradise for travelers. 1,218 more words