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Flaming flamingos

They seem so pink from afar. But when you zoom in, they are mostly white. And then one lifts his wing a little, and then you know. 309 more words
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XL Popcorn - Pink Flamingos / O Pagador de Promessas

We appear to be in the home stretch here. The pain is not as it once was, but it still means I can not type for longer than a few minutes without my wrist hurting or my fingers from going numb. 736 more words

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John Waters: Subverting Suburbia


In 1970s Baltimore, a brash, young director behind a pencil thin mustache began making some of the most bizarre and shocking films anyone had seen. 89 more words


Day 8

The amount of time I’ve found in my day has doubled, no tripled, since I stopped drinking. I get so much done now. It might be helpful that I am not working right now, so there is an extra 8 hours each day, and then add to that the 5 hours I would spend drinking at the end of the day, I guess it’s not really very surprising that I have found a lot of extra time to do things that need to be done. 424 more words



I had been spending a few days observing these graceful long legged birds, the Caribbean Flamingo Phoenicopterus ruber in Singapore. They have the brightest plumage of all the flamingo species but are not born with their beautiful pink plumage. 173 more words


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