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On Pink Flamingos and knowing your limits

As a kid we would go to our local video shop ‘Pick-a-Flick’ fairly regularly. I loved going and it was always exciting to go and spend a good while browsing over the cover art on the video boxes. 857 more words

Movie Reviews


This is my second Divine project, the first being a tea towel set of Divine with John Waters. I decided to go balls out with this one, because that is what Divine is all about – unapologetic and balls out. 64 more words


Carsick and Role Models by John Waters

I’ve decided to start sharing some of my Imprint pieces on this blog… This post includes reviews of the last two books by underground filmmaker John Waters and also describes his influence on my attitude toward writing.


Talking Business with "Death". . . . .

“Holy cross-over”, CAPTAIN FRANCHISE.

We don’t strictly stay “on topic” all the time, and find ourselves tying-in other youthful comedies, or ghost stories, or kind of– 478 more words

Easy $100

I have more “thrifty finds” to show you, but I want to tell you how I picked up an easy $100.

Greg and Susan are planning a major remodel of their home. 252 more words

John Waters on how he stays shocking

As the legendary director and author John Waters prepares to head down to South Florida for a new version of his monologue “This Filthy World” now called “This Filthy World, Filthier and Dirtier,” many have wondered how much filthier the director of… 543 more words


Eviction Countdown: Day 17

One can’t overestimate the influence John Waters and Divine had on my generation of gays. Especially the way they memorialized the obscure fads and inane artifacts of our childhood. 180 more words