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Pink Flamingos, "more musings from a musty mind"

A story by Gavin Keenan

Dizzy from an overdose of what passes for news these days; terrorism, endless war, social upheaval, political blandness, “The Donald’s” mouth, Kim Kardashian’s butt (Old news I know, but cheeky nonetheless) vanishing species, etc., etc., one could reasonably conclude that our world is headed to hell in a handbasket. 814 more words

Gavin Keenan

Burning Man sucks.

It’s burning man season!

Every year i tell myself ‘I won’t be coming next year, for sure.’ And yet so far, I keep returning to that place. 125 more words

Burning Man

A day in the life of my pink flamingos

Hey, I couldn’t leave them home alone!😏

And now an observation on life in the United States. We are either the most polite people on earth (not likely- see exhibit A- Donald Trump) or something else is going on. 123 more words

What's Not To Love?

Pink Flamingos in Milan

If you think about the pink flamingo the first city that comes to your mind is Las Vegas for sure. This is the name of one of the first casinos that settled in the middle of the Nevada’s desert in 1946. 296 more words


Authors Hate Him! Local Blogger Discovers Amazing List Of Things To Do Besides Reading. Number 12 Will Blow Your Mind!

Recently we had a behind-the-scenes discussion about pacing in books, the merits of a slower pace versus a faster pace and all that fun stuff. At the time I was reading… 711 more words

You Can Feed the Trolls, Just Make Sure You Give Them Brussel Sprouts

I stumbled across a BBC News article on my Facebook feed stating that New Zealand has created legislation to make trolling illegal. Now, as many enraged troll defenders pointed out, cyber bullying and trolling are not the same thing. 1,728 more words