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You mean Pink Flamingo's signal what?

I admit it openly, I am pretty naïve when it comes to a lot of stuff. Moving up here we have seen things that you quickly learn goes unfazed to a lot of New Yorkers. 475 more words

CBT You Are So Full Of Shit

Flamingo Spotting: Los Angeles

This saucy dame seems to have forgotten that #plasticpinkflamingosarepeopletoo.

But forgetting is not an excuse. This, friends, could well be a crime. According to our sources in Texas, leashing a flamingo is illegal in most states. 59 more words

Plastic Pink Flamingo Spotting

Zeb Visits Pink Flamingos in Dubai

As a Colorado Traveling Duck, I am always happy to see other birds.   I took mom to Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary to see the migratory pink flamingos that spend the winter in Dubai.   239 more words

Flamingos And The Lowcountry

It was just another lazy walk down to the Old Town Bluffton Waterfront. The warm air hypnotizing, I almost missed a glimpse of what appears to be a hot pink flamingo floating along the waves! 80 more words


Not pink but orange flamingos

Flamingo birds are pink in colour due to their diet of pink shrimp. Chilli, a Chilean flamingo in Adelaide zoo, turned orange last year because of a change in his diet. 35 more words

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Meet Your Idols

They say not to meet your idols because they will only disappoint, but not everyone’s idol is the self-described ‘Pope of Trash’ and author of the following quote: “To me, bad taste is what entertainment is all about. 549 more words

Cinco de Mayo flamingos ~

"Bernal Diaz del Castillo, the soldier who wrote an eyewitness account of Hernan Cortes’ campaign to conquer Mexico in 1519-1521, reported seeing flamingos in the Aztec capital Tenochtitlan where they were kept in an aviary for Emperor… 44 more words