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Masked - The Rendezvous, continued (11)

The story begins with Masked – The Fortress (1).

Amica sat down next to him on the bed. “Think you’re coming down with something? Or maybe something you ate just didn’t sit right?” 425 more words


Pink Floyd – Quadraphonics.

Also while I was the Production Manager at the Roundhouse Theatre in London we had a press “showing” of the quadraphonic version of The Dark Side Of The Moon… 558 more words

My Life


While Twitter keeps pushing the lame hashtag #NoBanNoWall, here’s our response:


That’s right.  It’s very simple.

  1. Ban Muslims from entering the country &
  2. Build That Wall…
  3. 17 more words

Crafting the Music Experience - Part 1: Cover Art

This is quite a sweeping choice of topic, so in the interest of conciseness this is probably going to end up in several parts. The idea started out with my initial appreciation of cover art which I have always felt can be just as important in the overall experience of enjoying that occasional damn good album (or EP). 1,126 more words


Review: of Verona - Glass Beach

of Verona – Glass Beach
De Novo Music Group

1. Kids On The Street
2. Can You Hear Me?
3. Under A Purple Sky
4. Glass Beach (Interlude) 589 more words

New Music

The Lyrics that Pluck at You

I enjoy revisiting old favourites. Especially music. Bands, songs, albums that have lain dormant for ages – years sometimes. Neglected and forgotten about.

For the car recently I created a new playlist – a bit more mellow that normal. 168 more words