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Remake/Remodel - Album covers: Pink Floyd - Wish you were here

One of my projects: remaking/remodelling album covers, with stickman figures!

Less Is More

Wright State, Wrong College

I know I have so much I want to write about. I know I want to de-clutter my mind. Why can’t I get it out? All the time (pre-blog) I become immensely overwhelmed with thoughts, deep thoughts at that. 768 more words


Rock Ain't Dead

There is a time where the genre Rock & Roll was alive and flourishing into a variety of different aesthetics and a wide range of philosophical disciplines from the depressing woes of the delta blues to the free-spirit psychedelics of the hippies, there is always something for those who searches for some raw physical musical artistry.   1,615 more words

Mr. Nobody

Forever Young - The Atomic Music

Are drawings of reproductions of LP´s we would like to work on, improve and configure the interactive installation as part of the exhibition so that we can put them in circulation. 433 more words

Favourite Album Covers (Part 1?)

Album covers were originally just flimsy bits of paper to try and protect the shiny goods underneath but they have since evolved into something that musicians can use for their artistic expression. 439 more words

Biffy Clyro

viaje con codeína junto el barquero de Pink Floyd ( vídeo)

La más grande historia jamás contada de una vida sin proyecto, su salida al exterior, y su caída al sacrificio.


Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Jethro Tull / Music Month Lyric Love

Music is primarily auditory. But even though I also enjoy having my emotions dictated by melodies and harmonies, progressions and nuances, I’m still mostly a lyric person. 76 more words