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(Chinese New Year - Monkey Year!)

Remember when you were young and went to school on Chinese New Year only to find out that half of your class are missing? The next day your friends bragged about how much money they got from their family. 119 more words


I've Got a Little Black Book With My Poems in It

I guess it’s about time that I posted some of my own stuff and maybe give a little peak into the bizarre mish-mash of ludicrous confusion that I call my brain. 470 more words

Rambling On

How to stop worrying and embrace string rattle

Throughout my years of teaching guitar, and also setting them up, there is one thing that seems to bother more students and players than anything else, which is odd, because it doesn’t seem to bother the musicians who made them want to play in the first place. 758 more words


Old Time Religion Radio #1604: The Perfect Parts

Old Time Religion Radio #1604: The Perfect Parts by Bbox_Radio on Mixcloud

2016’s proving as crazy as ever and I’m running the ups & downs with some vintage hard rock mixed with a lot of modern and brand new stuff, including previews of albums from the… 38 more words


mars men, venus women

this is the reality we live in
we’re stuck here
bound to do this dance
while trying not to get our feet stepped on
destined to play silly games… 36 more words


Retro chart for stowaways - 3 February 2007

The top ten singles from nine years ago:

  1. Client – Lights Go Out
  2. Eric Prydz vs. Floyd – Proper Education
  3. Depeche Mode – Martyr
  4. Sohodolls – No Regrets…
  5. 28 more words