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Ab Fab casting Dolly Parton drag queens

The British Movie Ab Fab are casting celebritets drag queens like Dolly Parton, Cher, Madonna to the new Movie.

According to the Pink News the actress and show creator Jennifer Saunders plans to cast about one hundred drag queens to the Movie AB Fab. 61 more words

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Westboro Baptist Church finally comes out of the closet

I have long suspected that the Westboro Baptist Church folks are really a pro-LGBT organization whose outrageous “anti-LGBT” behaviour is meant to lampoon right-wing nut cases. 375 more words

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What Katy Perry’s on-stage groping reveals about our double standard when it comes to sexual assault

Our super-productive regular contributor AJ McKenna addresses the careless reporting surrounding Katy Perry’s recent onstage incident while performing in Rio. A female fan groped her – touching her boob, grabbing her ass, and sashaying down KP’s body ’til their face was basically in her crotch – yet some outlets made jokes referencing “I Kissed a Girl.” When will the double standards surrounding sexual assault finally stop? 1,000 more words

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