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The limits of freedom.....

The story of Benjamin Harris-Quinney, the Conservative Councillor that has recently been suspended from the Conservative Party for anti-gay rights remarks has provoked some fierce debate online. 786 more words

Two men suffer homophobic abuse at Milton Keynes train station

Two men were the subject of homophobic abuse whilst at Milton Keynes train station earlier this month.

The incident happened as the men waited for a train to Northampton at 3.40pm on Friday, 1 May. 152 more words


Petitioning D&G?

I’m going to break an unofficial habit of a lifetime and talk fashion.

Haha, not actual fashion, snowflakes, that’d require interest in clothing other than my jeans. 500 more words


Coming Out In Jamaica – Dead Or Alive

Last Wednesday, I got two emails that forced me to write this column. I’d already been thinking about sharing a schizophrenic email that came in response to last Sunday’s column. 897 more words

Gender And Sexuality

Stupidity reigns supreme

It’d obviously been a long hard winter in more places than southern Ontario judging by some of the articles in various publications recently.  I say that because sundry politicians, would-be politicians and ordinary citizens seem to have taken leave of their senses and… 429 more words


Turning the Page: U.S. Constitutional amendment to rein in conservative religious meddling?

A constitutional amendment regulating gender identity in the United States?

How about an amendment regulating, i.e. restricting, the ability of conservative religious types to meddle in people’s lives? 441 more words