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A White Lace Dress

I really like lace designs as I think that lace fabric is the epitome of femininity and sensuality. I am however careful to choose white as the color for a lace number, in case it looks too much like a bridal dress. 86 more words


Fawntastic Monday

Mondays just got better… well not really just this Monday. After a long day at work I came home to my new Fawn pumps! These two colors were pre-sold at Nordstrom and as much as I didn’t want to pay full price, as soon as I ordered my shoes they were no longer available in my size. 76 more words


3 Looks for Effortless Style

There are two kinds of sexy: One where your at risk of looking like you’re trying too hard and the second that looks effortless.

The look below falls into category number two.   228 more words


Casually Vested!

Last week’s casual Friday work fit- grey vest, pink shoes, long button down shirt & denim. Typically this vest is worn as business or business casual attire.   90 more words


Stripped Dress

So glad to be in bed watching the World Series. I get to rest and blog a bit.

Last night after arriving home from work we headed out to Target to pick up a couple of household items and in doing so I wondered off the the women’s clothing section. 154 more words


Two Pops of Pink

These pink babes are so much more than just another pair of footwear: they remind me of lollipops I liked as a little girl – the kind I usually crunched cause the greedy me didn’t have the patience to just lick; they match the colors of my mini (2.5LB) dumbbells and desktop mouse so I have good association when I work or workout; and then of course, they add just enough pop to an otherwise all-black outfit (not that there’s anything wrong with that though). 91 more words