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Black Surf | Lights Out

I’ve been posting a lot of the summer plinky plonky (not as derogatory as it sounds) tunes lately as the sun has made it’s bi-decade appearance over this little island so you’ll all be glad to know I’ve returned to my original grunge influence roots. 98 more words

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Capitalists Wage War, Capitalists Wage Work

 This week:

Essays from Naomi Jacobs, , Heathen Chinese, Sean Donahue, Al Cummins & Linda Boeckhout, and a review by George Caffentzis


We highly recommend the… 526 more words

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Yes, Cassidy was a dick, but that is not the subject of this post.

According to Cassidy in his insane homage to Baron Munchhausen, How The Irish Invented Slang… 198 more words

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Detective's Assistant, by Kate Hannigan

Summary:  In 1859, eleven-year-old Nell goes to live with her aunt, Kate Warne, the first female detective for Pinkerton’s National Detective Agency. Nell helps her aunt solve cases, including a mystery surrounding Abraham Lincoln, and the mystery of what happened to Nell’s own father. 8 more words

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Was Pulp's 'This is Hardcore' the Death of Britpop?

17 years after This is Hardcore hit number 1 in the album charts, it is time for a reappraisal.

A lot of people credit Pulp’s penultimate 1998 masterpiece as the… 886 more words


Historical Thriller Fiction: The Chase by Clive Cussler: A Review

For those who like history mixed in with tightly woven suspense and mystery, Clive Cussler’s The Chase fits the bill. Better known for his present day thrillers, … 169 more words

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Londonderry boys get first D1 title 47-46 over Pinkerton Academy

(Durham NH) They aren’t very far apart geographically (five miles) and when this one ended they weren’t very far apart on the UNH scoreboard either. 817 more words