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A Life Saving Decision?

Today in History, February 23: 1861 – President elect Abraham Lincoln arrives at Washington DC’s Willard Hotel. He had intended to travel to Baltimore on his trip from Illinois to DC, but his wife and an ardent supporter, Chicago Detective Allan Pinkerton talked him out of the Baltimore stop. 87 more words


The Legend of Butch & Sundance (2006) is a curious movie. Filmed in 2003 and intended for a 2004 release as a TV movie on NBC, it did not air until two years after that. 506 more words


Weezer - Pinkerton



Sophomore slump? What’s that? OK, OK, so the critics hated it, sales were terrible, and it nearly ended the band, but that’s just the suffering it takes to become a cult-classic and modern masterpiece, right?! 28 more words


Hollyniwa Pinkerton.

I’ve recently received a Surface Pro for school purposes, but I’ve spent most of my time exploring Photoshop! This is what came out of an experiment on Photoshop! 22 more words

Albums of the Month: January 2017

Album: Pinkerton

Artist: Weezer

Released: September 24th, 1996

Highlights: The Good Life, El Scorcho, Pink Triangle, Butterfly

The unwritten manual of good songwriting dictates that it is the artist’s job to transform the storm of feelings that lies within the human soul into digestible phrases. 2,718 more words

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