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Weezer’s Pinkerton: the world’s most misunderstood album

Chloe McCarthy ’18, Feature/Opinion Editor

When most people think of music from the 90’s, they probably think of Nirvana and old-school rappers like Tupac and Biggie Smalls. 1,011 more words


N.H lax parents brawl during game; Police, firefighters called in to restore peace

Lacrosse is the fastest sport on two feet, but it’s not the most genteel one. That much became apparent during a Tuesday evening contest in which parents became embroiled in a brawl that necessitated the intervention of police, firefighters, and other peacekeepers. 247 more words


28 Thornton Street

Thornton Street originally extended southeasterly from Main Street, across Broadway and over Beaver Brook. The close proximity to the 1806 turnpike and stream contributed to the construction of large early nineteenth-century farms and light manufacturing buildings. 95 more words

Darling For You: FranXX, Pinkerton, & "Bad" Media

Author Note: This article was published shortly following the release of episode 10 of Darling in the FranXX. Future developments within the show may age the stances and topics discussed here, though hopefully it will still hold value as a snapshot in time and address larger concerns within society and approaches to media in general. 2,967 more words


Short Story in a Song — "Say It Ain't So"

I went to see Weezer in Hollywood last night. It got me thinking about how I was introduced to the band and the impact they had on my musical tastes in the early 90s. 333 more words

When the Pinkertons maimed the James's brothers Mother.

Mistakenly believing Frank and Jesse James are hiding out at their family home, a gang of men–likely led by Pinkerton detectives–mount a raid that left the outlaws’ mother,Zetelda, permanently maimed and their nine-year-old half-brother dead. 175 more words


Subject #002: El Scorcho

Now that we’re broaching the subject of Pinkerton, I feel it’s important to talk about the elephant in the room: Young Rivers Cuomo was kind of a problematic individual. 1,058 more words