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Weezer's "Pinkerton" review: a singular music experience

Weezer was on top of the world after the release of their 1994 self-titled debut, a fun power-pop album and a timeless masterpiece. It’s one of those albums that does not age. 535 more words


Dear Pinkerton,

You were the collection of Middle School Romance Anthems everyone needed, but those dingalings listened to Taylor Swift instead. I felt cooler when I was with you — the two of us, walking home from the bus stop together, singing… 199 more words


Weezer at 80/35

The demographic for Weezer fans is weird. From the photo pit I got a good look at the people in the very front and was blown away. 225 more words


Album Review: Sorority Noise - "Joy, Departed"

In 2014, The Hotelier had this break-out emo album called Homeplace, Like Noplace Is There and it was this incredible sleeper hit that rocked every music publication from… 743 more words

Brand New

Black Surf | Lights Out

I’ve been posting a lot of the summer plinky plonky (not as derogatory as it sounds) tunes lately as the sun has made it’s bi-decade appearance over this little island so you’ll all be glad to know I’ve returned to my original grunge influence roots. 98 more words

New Music

Capitalists Wage War, Capitalists Wage Work

 This week:

Essays from Naomi Jacobs, , Heathen Chinese, Sean Donahue, Al Cummins & Linda Boeckhout, and a review by George Caffentzis


We highly recommend the… 526 more words

Weekly Update


Yes, Cassidy was a dick, but that is not the subject of this post.

According to Cassidy in his insane homage to Baron Munchhausen, How The Irish Invented Slang… 198 more words

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