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10) Die Enden des Regenbogens

Gedanken zur Lage von LGBTI*-Menschen, Pinkwashing und Diversity.
Sophia wird schwarz vor Augen.

Ich bin kein großer Fan des Eurovision Song Contests, obwohl ich schwul bin, ein warmer Bruder, eine Schwuchtel, eine Tunte, ein Schwanzlutscher, ein Arschficker, 656 more words

Dialog Mit Massimo

OK, So I Hate the Pink Ribbon, Now What?

If there’s one takeaway from any of my blog posts over the past few months, I’d like to say that it’s pretty straight forward — the pink ribbon as a symbol for breast cancer awareness, well, kind of sucks. 1,898 more words

Breast Cancer

"The Tyranny of Cheerfulness"

This weekend I finally got around to watching Pink Ribbons, Inc, which if you’re a fan of my blog I highly recommend you watch. The documentary, released in 2011, is just as relevant now as it was then (can you believe 2011 was already six years ago, what!?), as it covers a wide breadth of topics pertaining to what some consider to be the commercialization of breast cancer. 818 more words

Breast Cancer

Women are Just Taller Girls, Right?

Christmas had me at a loss this year. Money is tight and shopping is hard with a toddler in tow and there was so much going on in the last few months that gifting wasn’t so high on my list of priorities. 497 more words


It's Our Story, Not My Story

https://graceslawski.files.wordpress.com/2017/01/scared-to-death-meredith-israel-thomas.m4a Listen here (Note: If the audio player appears as 0:00 out of 0:00, the audio still works, simply hit the play button).

Last week while driving to a restaurant with a friend for dinner, my friend casually asked me, “So is your blog, and the book you want to publish, just your personal memoirs?” Her question was legitimate, as I’ve spent the last few posts highlighting myself and my personal motivations for writing. 211 more words

Breast Cancer

My fave holiday special

Now, THIS Christmas show I like.

Some time ago I wrote about a holiday movie I just can’t stand.

Here’s one I love: The He Man She Ra Christmas special. 288 more words

"Please remember me and my family."

Here I was, an optimistic high school over-achiever. During my senior year of high school, I volunteered at our school’s first American Cancer Society Relay for Life walk. 570 more words

Breast Cancer