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Pride not profit

The London Pride march takes place this coming weekend, on Saturday 8 July. Barclays, Tesco and Virgin Atlantic are all sponsors of an increasingly corporate event. 1,098 more words

What Color is THEIR Ribbon?

And are you “aware” of it?

And if you don’t know the color ribbon for a certain type of cancer, does that mean you don’t care? 178 more words


The LGBTQ Movement has a problem with anti-semitism

There is a large difference between disagreeing with policies set forth by the Israeli government and banning every Jew from speaking at the creating change conference because your financiers hate the Jews. 7 more words


Dublin Pride 2016 Reflections

In 2016 one of what is now the Working Class Queeroes made a video documenting Dublin Pride, highlighting just how intense the corporate and party take-over has become, as well as discussing two radical blocs on the day. 1,364 more words

Artswatch Palestine: April-May 2017

‘Artswatch’ is a regular digest that monitors attacks on Palestinian cultural life, creative resistance, and cultural interventions in Israel-Palestine. In this edition:
* Pinkwashing rejected… 1,311 more words


10) Die Enden des Regenbogens

Gedanken zur Lage von LGBTI*-Menschen, Pinkwashing und Diversity.
Sophia wird schwarz vor Augen.

Ich bin kein großer Fan des Eurovision Song Contests, obwohl ich schwul bin, ein warmer Bruder, eine Schwuchtel, eine Tunte, ein Schwanzlutscher, ein Arschficker, 656 more words

Dialog Mit Massimo

OK, So I Hate the Pink Ribbon, Now What?

If there’s one takeaway from any of my blog posts over the past few months, I’d like to say that it’s pretty straight forward — the pink ribbon as a symbol for breast cancer awareness, well, kind of sucks. 1,898 more words

Breast Cancer