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On Pinkwashing

Being really good in one area of social justice in terms of intersectional feminism does not excuse nor compensate for being really awful in another. Yet this is the reality Israel presents to the world. 400 more words

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Pinkwashing Alley-Oop (well... kinda)

When I opened up the articles posted for the Pinkwashing teach-in, I had no idea what the topic was about. After having read each of the three articles, I think I’m more confused than I was before. 342 more words

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Let's Talk About Homonormativity

I feel like homonormativity is something that is very pervasive; I feel it in my own life, particularly in school settings, and it thoroughly permeates the queer community. 230 more words


Is it pinkwashing to have "gay" ads?

This is more of a question that I’ve been ruminating than a statement, particularly following our class discussion of Super Bowl ads.

According to Wikipedia… 175 more words

Oriented: "We Are Palestine, We Are Queer, We Are Here!"

Oriented, directed by British documentarian Jake Witzenfeld, centers around the lives of three Palestinian gay men living in Tel Aviv – Fadi, Khader and Naeem – as they seek personal fulfillment in their own lives and relationships while navigating Israeli discrimination and challenging intra-Palestinian homophobia and misogyny. 1,917 more words



Roots of Tipping in the US Service Industry

Did you know that most wait staff employees make a very small base wage? That your tipping is their actual pay? 683 more words

Pinkwashing Hurts Male Breast Cancer Victims, Too

…Bogler is a cancer biologist who regularly works with cancer cells, as senior vice president of academic affairs at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.

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