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Pinkwashing Hurts Male Breast Cancer Victims, Too

…Bogler is a cancer biologist who regularly works with cancer cells, as senior vice president of academic affairs at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.

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First ever CCCU Israeli Apartheid Week announced

The first ever Canterbury Christchurch University Israeli Apartheid Week will be held this month, with a full programme of events just announced.

Israeli Apartheid Week – (scroll down for the full programme) is an annual event held by students and staff of universities around the world to highlight Israeli abuses of Palestinian rights and to provide a forum to discuss and explore the issues. 289 more words


#cancelpinkwashing at Creating Change

Several activists and organizations have recently pulled out of this year’s Creating Change conference over concerns of pinkwashing when the conference included an Israeli organization called A Wider Bridge. 321 more words

The NFL: The Great American Synecdoche

I love football like dogs love licking their balls. My favorite team is the Oakland Raiders, and I’ve loved football this whole time in spite of how horrible they’ve been. 1,912 more words

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The Plague of Pinkwashing

You may have noticed that your grocery cart has taken on a pink hue this month. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and it has become increasingly popular for companies to dye their packaging pink, promise donations and increase their profit margin in the process. 460 more words

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Pinkwashing October

Well it is October, I don’t know that from my calendar, or pumpkin spice madness, or even from copious Halloween TV programming. No, I know it is October from all the pink. 679 more words

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The Awareness Myth: Why I Hate "Pinkwashing"

When I tell people that I hate the “pinkwashing” campaigns that I see crop up all over in October, “Breast Cancer Awareness Month,” they act like I’m an idiot. 677 more words