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How does the Israeli state mobilise the discourse of gay rights to promote its own national interests?

This essay seeks to deconstruct the image of Israel as the ‘gay haven’ of the Middle East, an image that is produced through a discourse of gay rights which aims to depict the conflict as a culture-clash between the West and the East, namely, the Israeli liberal-democratic-modern-(homosexual) vis-a-vis the Palestinian/Arab homophobic-misogynist-(heterosexual) culture (Hochberg 2010). 940 more words


Have We Lost Our Fight?

After a protest over the cover up of issues using pro-LGBTQI stances, led to condemnation of vandalism cause, has the world in general lost our will to fight, or care, for the greater good? 705 more words


Queers Against Injustice comes out in support of No Pride in Prisons and #NotProud

The group that attacked a GayTM earlier last week with pink paint to protest the pinkwashing of Pride and the queer community have done the same to an ANZ branch and a police station this morning, leaving behind statements explaining their aims – including a paragraph of support for Emmy, who is currently still in hospital after being assaulted by a Pride security guard on Saturday night. 48 more words


Thoughts on Pride and the Act of Protesting

These are some observations in the wake of the protests against a police presence in the Auckland Pride march, and the violence towards one of the protestors, Emmy, which took place afterwards. 441 more words

Should LGBT people stand with Israel?

(A small sample of Israelis’ response to LGBT rights, screenshot taken 15/02/15. By no means representative of all of Israeli society, but still troubling)

If by some Kafkaesque twist of fate you found yourself gay and trapped in the Middle East, in all probability the first place you’d want to head for is Israel. 2,020 more words


« Elle a perdu sa bataille contre le cancer.» (elle avait qu'à se bouger le cul!)

« Elle a perdu sa bataille contre le cancer. »

Je lis souvent cette phrase aussi impitoyable que rébarbative.

Et je me sens toujours vaguement irritée- une légère gène, rien qui ne soit urgent à formuler. 461 more words

It's A Hard Knock Life

DC joins NY and SF protesting HRC pinkwashing

We joined ACT UP NY last bight to denounce the Human Rights Campaign’s frequent practice of “pinkwashing”, as we’ve done before, with their Corporate Equality Index. 27 more words