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Don't Put Your Money Where Your Boob Is


Grumble, grumble.


Stomp foot.

It’s that time of year again.  October.  Pinktober.  The time of year that America and the world is supposed to “celebrate” breast cancer, bring awareness to the disease and get every woman to touch their boobs.   923 more words

"Pinkwashing" May Soon Be A Marketing Ploy Of The Past

Splashing pink all over your products to signal that they’re meant to be used by women? “Pinkwashed” pens, electronics, and ethernet cables? Not trendy anymore, according to marketing experts who say the cool thing nowadays is to send an inclusive branding message. 311 more words

The Emperor's New Color

I’ve read it takes a generation and a half to believe something is traditional.

That can’t be right—I can think of 2 instances off the top of my head where “it has always been this way” is being chanted about topics that have changed during my lifetime. 1,011 more words

Chinese Airports Are Designating A Separate Security Line For Women

While we here in America argue over seemingly unending security lines at our nation’s airports, there’s another discussion going on in China over airport security, now that women have a separate lane designated for their use only. 168 more words

Two MtTs kiss and it's a new iconic "lesbian" photo

From Diva Magazine (which is supposed to be for lesbians):


Two trans lesbians shared a kiss on the steps of 10 Downing Street last night following the government’s annual LGBT reception. 

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“Gay imperialism”: Postcolonial particularity

Those who oppose Marxism, Enlightenment, or even liberal ideologies on the ground that they are Eurocentric or colonial impositions, and propose as an alternative supposedly more organic, authentically indigenous lifeways and autochthonous, communitarian wisdom, are themselves simply victim to another European ideology: Romanticism. 3,143 more words


Barbara Brenner

When Barbara Brenner died, on 10th May 2013 at the age of 61, her partner of a lifetime, Susie Lampert, kept her promise: she made sure that Barbara’s obituary said “she died after a long battle with the breast cancer industry”. 1,074 more words

Sheroes Of History