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"Think Before You Pink."

“Any company can color merchandise pink or use a pink ribbon image, whether they donate all their proceeds to cancer charities or only a tiny percentage.” 191 more words

All About Boobs

Last year I wrote about my suspicion of breast cancer after I found a small node during a self-exam. Even though the results of my first mammogram came back normal, breast cancer is something that has been in my mind since I was a girl. 741 more words


Fighter jet gets pink paint job to raise breast cancer awareness

October has all but been taken over with pink to show support for breast cancer awareness with pink shirts, ribbons, food, and even famous landmarks… 325 more words

Health & Fitness

Avoid "Pinkwashing" This October

It might be autumn, but instead of being inundated with pumpkin spice tastes and smells, store shelves are lined with everything pink. Just this week I spotted a pink water bottles, pink ribbon earrings and even pink headphones. 463 more words

Better Business Bureau

Don't Put Your Money Where Your Boob Is


Grumble, grumble.


Stomp foot.

It’s that time of year again.  October.  Pinktober.  The time of year that America and the world is supposed to “celebrate” breast cancer, bring awareness to the disease and get every woman to touch their boobs.   923 more words

"Pinkwashing" May Soon Be A Marketing Ploy Of The Past

Splashing pink all over your products to signal that they’re meant to be used by women? “Pinkwashed” pens, electronics, and ethernet cables? Not trendy anymore, according to marketing experts who say the cool thing nowadays is to send an inclusive branding message. 311 more words

The Emperor's New Color

I’ve read it takes a generation and a half to believe something is traditional.

That can’t be right—I can think of 2 instances off the top of my head where “it has always been this way” is being chanted about topics that have changed during my lifetime. 1,011 more words