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Please, Not Another Pink Palace

There has got to be a balance. Who are these people?  You know, those “experts” who design “Breast Health Centers”, “Diagnostic Radiology Facilities”, “Women’s Braless Boutique” or whatever trendy name they’re given. 460 more words

The Gay 'Sellouts'

The famous Princess Bride quote “Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something” fits quite well into our current social climate where commercials and ads jump out at us from every corner. 1,070 more words


Q: Why Is Homosexuality Being Promoted so Heavily in the Colonies of American Capital?

A: Because homosexuality has lost all of its once revolutionary potential, and shall never regain any of its once revolutionary potential. Today, homosexuality is no longer about men enjoying their freedom outside the restraints of conservatism, but essentially about an imitation of an “ideal” heterosexual marriage – with one “manly” and sexually dominant Chad being the grumpy provider, and one effeminate bitchy faggot being the “wife” who is supposed to decorate everything in rainbow colors, raise a couple of adopted kids and then complain about the lack of… 528 more words

The Trash Can Of Ideology

'What is Pinkwashing?'

this clip from the free documentary Pinkwashing Exposed: Seattle Fight Backs is really good intro to the issue of pinkwashing! i highly recommend watching the entire docuemtary!!!


Pride not profit

The London Pride march takes place this coming weekend, on Saturday 8 July. Barclays, Tesco and Virgin Atlantic are all sponsors of an increasingly corporate event. 1,098 more words

What Color is THEIR Ribbon?

And are you “aware” of it?

And if you don’t know the color ribbon for a certain type of cancer, does that mean you don’t care? 178 more words


The LGBTQ Movement has a problem with anti-semitism

There is a large difference between disagreeing with policies set forth by the Israeli government and banning every Jew from speaking at the creating change conference because your financiers hate the Jews. 7 more words