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Two MtTs kiss and it's a new iconic "lesbian" photo

From Diva Magazine (which is supposed to be for lesbians):


Two trans lesbians shared a kiss on the steps of 10 Downing Street last night following the government’s annual LGBT reception. 

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“Gay imperialism”: Postcolonial particularity

Those who oppose Marxism, Enlightenment, or even liberal ideologies on the ground that they are Eurocentric or colonial impositions, and propose as an alternative supposedly more organic, authentically indigenous lifeways and autochthonous, communitarian wisdom, are themselves simply victim to another European ideology: Romanticism. 3,143 more words


Barbara Brenner

When Barbara Brenner died, on 10th May 2013 at the age of 61, her partner of a lifetime, Susie Lampert, kept her promise: she made sure that Barbara’s obituary said “she died after a long battle with the breast cancer industry”. 1,074 more words

Sheroes Of History

Get Back to Your Roots or Get the Hell Out

There’s so much I’d love to discuss and rant about from this article on breast cancer walks in the Washington Post today! But, there are some specifics which feel especially important that I’ll try to stick to. 440 more words

The Human Side

On Pinkwashing

Being really good in one area of social justice in terms of intersectional feminism does not excuse nor compensate for being really awful in another. Yet this is the reality Israel presents to the world. 400 more words

Think Ahead

Pinkwashing Alley-Oop (well... kinda)

When I opened up the articles posted for the Pinkwashing teach-in, I had no idea what the topic was about. After having read each of the three articles, I think I’m more confused than I was before. 342 more words

Think Ahead

Let's Talk About Homonormativity

I feel like homonormativity is something that is very pervasive; I feel it in my own life, particularly in school settings, and it thoroughly permeates the queer community. 230 more words