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“At times the “viral” travels of the concept of homonationalism, as it has been taken up in North America, various European states, Palestine/Israel, and India, have found reductive applications in activist organizing platforms. 160 more words


Bullying the powerful

I have been accused of being a bully. Since I wrote the Storify post about pinkwashing last week, the mud slinging has come from two camps. 674 more words

MBC and the Tyranny of Peppy Positive Pink Ribbon Culture

It’s good to be positive. But that doesn’t mean it’s bad to be negative…It’s a logical fallacy. The word negative constantly gets a bad rap. So-called negative emotions like fear, sadness and anger have a valid place when living with the uncertainty of cancer. 611 more words

Breast Cancer Survivorship

More on the pinkwashing of the Day of Pink

Well, then. I guess a few people liked the post I put up in haste the other night, while simultaneously entertaining my almost three year-old and responding to a flurry of Tweets. 725 more words

I am not wearing pink today. This is why.

I made a post over at Storify last night, after a bunch of my Tweets about the Day of Pink went viral last night. WordPress won’t let me embed it into this blog, so click on the big photo below to read it.

How does the Israeli state mobilise the discourse of gay rights to promote its own national interests?

This essay seeks to deconstruct the image of Israel as the ‘gay haven’ of the Middle East, an image that is produced through a discourse of gay rights which aims to depict the conflict as a culture-clash between the West and the East, namely, the Israeli liberal-democratic-modern-(homosexual) vis-a-vis the Palestinian/Arab homophobic-misogynist-(heterosexual) culture (Hochberg 2010). 940 more words


Toronto’s “Queers Against Israeli Apartheid” group holds a banner depicting the progress of Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Palestine.