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A Tale of Toe…Or How This Little Piggy Went “Ouch!”

The toe is an unappreciated little fellow.  Sure, we love to decorate their nails and show them off in pretty sandals, but we never truly know how valuable one is until it is out of commission.  383 more words

Please don't step on my blue suede shoes...

My foot hurts.

To be exact, the third toe on my right foot is hurting.

Somehow I got a small cut on it and both my sock and shoe keep rubbing against it.  1,522 more words


The Little Toe

On November 28, 2013, my family celebrated Thanksgiving. We had a great time! Food, games, laughter, and food. Being thankful for one another and the blessings God has given us. 236 more words


Who hasn't broken a toe?

You know you’ve reached some upper level of clutz-ness when you don’t realize that some things just aren’t normal.

To be fair, I know I’m a clutz – I always have been. 790 more words

Stubbed vs. Broken

I hit my pinky toe on a leg chair yesterday…Not a huge tragedy except that I have a Ragnar race in 3 weeks that ai have been looking forward to for months….AND… the NYC marathon in 7 weeks… which is the most coveted item on my running bucket list at the moment. 128 more words



Yesterday I got my visa!

I was able to prepare my last steps in KyuDai’s “Online Application System” – flight information and shuttle bus service. 58 more words

it is not that bad - it's a clean fracture!

…it seems I still have not enough worries at the moment:

Today morning my pinky toe decided to kiss the bedpost.
Thanks to that I have a (clean) fracture in my pinky toe now. 46 more words