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Hello world! My name is Kristyn B. and I am a procrastinator...but that will soon change!

So I’ve been wanting to start a blog of a while now, the problem is I’m a habitual procrastinator! But today is the day and I am using Pinterest as my inspiration and therapy. 409 more words


Winning - Eggs Cooked in Sliced Bell Pepper

The original pin shows a whole egg cooked inside a slice of bell pepper, which seems relatively simple. The fail shows an unfortunate display where the egg white has escaped the pepper and run all over the pan leaving nothing but a broken yolk behind. 397 more words

Arts And Crafts

Unleash Your Creative Beast!

Have you ever looked at a project on Pinterest and thought “That is so wonderful, I would love to do that”? And them promptly decided you are not nearly talented enough to succeed. 206 more words

Arts And Crafts

Does Anyone Else Love Pinterest?

OK, raise your hand if you’re currently fighting an addiction to Pinterest. Yeah, me too. On too many nights, I’ve been totally guilty of staying up way too late just drooling over the amazing ideas I’m finding there for everything from home decor to cooking. 141 more words

Pin Up

Hello Everyone!! Day 2 of blogging. I hope everyone had a great day and if you are just starting your day, hope you have a good day today! 407 more words



Pinterest inspiration of the week, “Babs – Pins By Color”, featured board “Assorted Pins – Blue”

Blocking: Gear

A lot of people love shopping.  To them, there’s nothing more exciting than starting a new project and collecting all the gear they’ll need.  They enjoy dropping a couple hundred bucks on top-of-of-the line tools and professional-grade materials. 479 more words