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15 California sea lions slaughtered off the west coast of Vancouver Island (Canada)

March 21st, 2016 (Dave White). VANCOUVER ISLAND (NEWS 1130) – Environmental groups are shocked to learn 15 California sea lions were slaughtered by salmon farming company Cermaq Canada on the west coast of Vancouver Island between October and December. 240 more words

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Pinnipeds of the Farallones

There are five species of pinnipeds that breed on the Farallones – a high concentration of diversity for the region.

The Farallones consitute prime habitat for these marine mammals, perched near the edge of the continental shelf and thus an important upwelling zone that supports a wide web of marine life – life that in turn feeds and supports other life. 2,054 more words


Rare jet black seal pup rescued (Netherlands)

February 11th, 2016 (Janene Pieters). The seal center Zeehondencreche Pieterburen has a rare new visitor. A pitch black seal pup was discovered on a dike near Pieterburen seal center, very weak, injured and suffering from hypothermia, so the seal center took her in. 106 more words

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Pollution concerns voiced as salmonella found in Scottish grey seal pups (UK)

February 5th, 2016 (Caroline Brodie). Scottish grey seals have been found to be infected with salmonella bacteria similar to those prevalent in livestock and humans. 374 more words

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UK public urged to watch out for seal and dolphin strandings

February 2nd, 2016. The Southwest is seeing a rise in dead and injured seals and dolphins and public action can help.

There are so many weather warming and storm forecasts these days that it becomes difficult keeping up with which weather system is causing which bit of damage. 583 more words

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Rare sea lion mutilated by fishermen just to get its jaw and teeth (Russia)

HORRIFIC footage of a rare sea lion being mutilated by a fisherman is being investigated by the Russian police.

January 26th, 2016. An axle grinder was used to cut off the sea mammal’s jaws and teeth so they could be sold, it is being claimed. 139 more words

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Caspian seal conservation (short film)

Here’s a link to a short film by Kazakh colleagues about some of our work with them on Caspian seal ecology & conservation (in Russian with English subtitles).