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So, You Want To Learn To Sew?: Maybe? Kinda? Sorta? Sure, Why Not!

Sewing can be fun and relaxing or sometimes a bit of a challenge, but either way, you made it. That is something to celebrate. No project is too big or too small, maybe more time-consuming if it is big, but what is time when you are creating a masterpiece. 86 more words


:: Coastal Home Monday Pins #11 ::

Monday Pins

It’s Monday and that means coastal home decor pins. We have five completely coastal and ‘pin-able’ pins for your Pinterest boards because we’d feel horrible letting you down. 42 more words


2017...I plan to read

I saw this today on Pinterest and thought it might be worth giving it a try. It’s still a pretty loose guide to what you’ll read and I’ve got my own ongoing ’empty the bedside table’ challenge and ‘clear the kindle’, which would fit around this. 94 more words


More JOAD Pins

Big one is now a Recurve shooter which sets her out on a different task for pin collection. Little one started in Recurve by a sign up mistake. 76 more words


PM8 Our National Game Issue One Of Last Pre-War Pin Sets

PM8 Our National Game Pins Overview

Printed in 1938, the PM8 Our National Game pin set is one of the final pin issues of the pre-war era. 254 more words

Set Review

New Years Resolutions - Disney Style

We’re half way through January and as I sit here eating the remains of my Christmas chocolate, I wonder whether I ever really intended to stick to my New Years Resolutions this year. 379 more words