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DIY Valentine Heart Pins

Ah, yes, Valentine’s Day. There are those who love it and those who despise it. I personally don’t feel strongly either way, but I think hearts are really cute and I like candy, so V-Day is ok with me.  274 more words


Army Dog Tags and Their Many Uses

Each once in for a short time a thing rises above its unique reason and secures utilizes that swell all through a society, utilizing its extremely effortlessness and flexibility to end up helpful to numerous individuals from multiple points of view. 432 more words

Understanding the Benefits of Using Name Tags with Magnets

Name tags are used by many and this has been going on from years. These are a part of the business world, where customer services plays a very important role. 374 more words

Quality Name Tags

How do you represent your company or brand? Many business owners do so with lapel pins or name tags. When customers walk into a business institution and see name tags, it is a way of showing good customer service and making the consumer feel more comfortable and at home. 356 more words

Revolutionizing Dog Tags as Fashion Accessories

When people think of customized dog tags, they generally image a participant of the military and the identification that dangles around their neck. These dog labels hold details about the person, which division of the military he or she is in and information that informs others which team the person belongs to. 440 more words

Cost Effective Magnetic Backing Name Tags

Name tags or name badges play great role in expressing professional image of a company. It plays a signature role in holding and maintaining power in the office from the employee’s point of view. 371 more words

Personalized Engraved Dog Tags Could Be Touching and Significant

A pet identification tag ensures that you may have an optimistic possibility of locating your dog should it go missing. Aside from returning your lost pet, these tags also differentiate a dog animal in the stray ones. 410 more words