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Soul food.

One thing that my husband and I like to do together is cook. It was a lot more enjoyable when we had a bigger kitchen, but we’re making do for now. 511 more words


Sunday night cooking

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Katie Smith :: Unsplash

Warning: There are food pictures at the end :P

So it’s Sunday night and I currently have a new recipe I’m trying baking in the oven. 199 more words


Pinterest recipe: White chocolate Oreo truffles

Hii! So this is the first of the series of pinterest recipe posts (which will all more than likely be cake/sweet based) and i thought i would start off with something fairly easy that didn’t use too many ingredients or use too much time (seen as I’ve left it till last minute as per). 489 more words


Pizza Muffins

Last night, my roommates and I hosted an “Apps and ‘Sserts” NYE Party. For those of you who are Parks and Rec fans, you hopefully get the reference. 218 more words

Chicken Mozzarella Pasta with Sun Dried Tomatoes...err, Mushrooms

I was perusing Pinterest for a recipe to try, as I have been checking out Pinterest lately for recipes. There is such a variety of culinary adventures to undertake. 597 more words


2 Pins

This week is busy for us.  I imagine a lot of you are finding it to be quite slammed too.  I wanted to share two pins ( 175 more words

2 Pins for Wednesday!

We are certainly in the busy season and I don’t know about you but I’m thanking the Lord for some Pinterest.  It has saved my butt twice this week.   273 more words