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You would think I would learn

I think I’ve written before about my poor experiences with Pinterest recipes. But, once, again, I got suckered in.

The idea for a sweet bacon appetizer seemed to be a possibility for a Sunday morning after-church treat. 193 more words

The World And My Place In It

Seasoned Potato Wedges (aka Jo-Jo's)

Potatoes are one of those foods that are a staple in almost everyone’s diet.  Whether it be regular russets, reds, sweet potatoes or anything in between you have to love the simplicity of them.   384 more words


Easy Chicken Recipes

My boyfriend and I have been on a strict diet the past month, and with that we have cooked a lot of meals. I’m so happy that we’ve been on a healthier lifestyle and cook much more often than we were. 421 more words


Get Your Kids to Eat Better

Eating healthy whole foods has a huge impact on your overall health. Teaching your kids to eat the right foods will set them up for success when they are on their own and have the freedom to make their own food choices. 444 more words


Pinterest Pretzels

I have a confession to make. I am a stress baker. A couple of months into the term, I made a coursemate about three dozen chocolate chip cookies for his birthday. 506 more words


Healthy (and yummy!) Lunch Ideas

My boyfriend and I are on a month long diet with a lot of restrictions to it. The first week, we brought salad for lunch…every. Single. 313 more words

Lentil cakes

brown lentils

geera instead of cumin seeds

no cilantro

halfed the recipe

show halfing guide

made – 14

link – http://www.crumbblog.com/india-red-lentil-patties/

add bread crumbs

let lentils cool before adding them to egg it will start to cook

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