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Eat UP: JELL-O Firecrackers

This summer, bring something to the family BBQ that isn’t the usual boring side dish and better than the store bought salads. Make something that will get everyone talking. 200 more words

Happy 4th! I experimented with another Pinterest recipe and the outcome was *delightful*

Happy 4th of July friends! My husband had to work, and all of our close friends from Baltimore are celebrating out of town. That means I had a leisurely day of doing laundry, washing dishes and working out. 781 more words


Strawberry Glazed Doughnuts

So, I’ve been seeing doughnut recipes on Pinterest for awhile now, and I’ve always passed them up because I didn’t have doughnut pans. Recently, I said fuck it and ordered some doughnut pans off of Amazon, and said lets make some doughnuts. 245 more words

I tried another banana Pinterest recipe and here's what happened

So many Pinterest recipes, so little time. I am a compulsive “pinner” and I will often do it to kill time when waiting for an appointment or sitting in the airport, etc. ¬† 441 more words

Food Choices

This Title's Got Buzzwords! Pinterest, Food, Yummy...So read this article!!

We all have that one friend who is obsessed with Pinterest right? Don’t think about it, just shake your head yes, I’m trying to be relatable here. 383 more words


Taco Pie

So, for starters, this came from an article entitled; “Easy Meals to Cook for Your Man.”

  1. I’m cooking for myself thank you very much.
  2. Why is the article writer only cooking for her man?
  3. 200 more words

Our Mother's Day Lunch 

Okay, I am completely exhausted, but I DID get everything done for tomorrow… somehow! Food is ready, house is clean and all my Sunday “chores” are done too! 561 more words

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