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Perfectly Peppermint: Products and Treats

So I definitely love all of the different tastes and treats of the Christmas season. I feel like there are so many things to enjoy that only come around once a year, after all! 240 more words


Cookies and Cream Fudge Balls

So fun fact about this recipe, it’s not supposed to be fudge balls. That part was me improvising. But I’ll get to that later. (It also explains as to why this is not my prettiest picture.) 459 more words

Pinterest Recipes: The Last Two Weeks

Lately things have been a bit busy from arranging professionals to come in to do some household repairs and the start up more online work.  Thankfully the weather has changed from the 100’s to around the 90’s, so cooking has been easier.   689 more words


Pinterest in Real Life: Dessert Kabob

I am almost always in charge of dessert for group get together. I was getting tired of the basic store-bought treats and needed something more creative. 100 more words

Tips And Tricks

Pinterest Quickies: One Pot Healthy Cajun Pasta

I am constantly searching for quick and easy recipes on Pinterest that are not only healthy, but also husband approved and easy to clean up. Thus begins our series on  Pinterest Quickies. 506 more words


Couscous: a versatile dish     

These small pearls of pasta can be more than just a side dish

Couscous is a dish that’s appreciated worldwide. Many arguments are made for the true origins of couscous; however, it’s commonly associated with Moroccan and North African cuisine, according to… 359 more words

Venturing Out Of The Chicken-Cooking Comfort Zone

Last week, I talked about my top three favorite clean-eating recipes that I found on Pinterest and have kept in my back pocket ever since. This week, I decided to venture out of my comfort zone and try something new. 323 more words