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Vegan Tortilla Soup... Turned Jambalaya

I suck at cooking. Like, really suck. It’s just not something I’ve ever been good at, and I don’t enjoy it at all. But, being vegetarian, you kind of have to cook. 559 more words


Crockpot Apple Butter Recipe

It’s recipe time!

My husband and I took a trip to see some of our family, it wasn’t a planned trip- and it wasn’t for a good reason either. 141 more words


Potato and broccoli hash browns

I came across a recipe this morning on Pinterest and thought that looks sooooo good I must try it! So off I went to Tesco to pick up some ingredients and I thought I have to share with you guys! 266 more words


So in the next few days I’m thinking of launching schoenmerrick.com, but I’m hesitant because it’s supposed to be a professional website showcasing all my children book’s and YA literature novels I wrote as well as my artwork, illustration, digital art, and photography.  79 more words


Eat UP: JELL-O Firecrackers

This summer, bring something to the family BBQ that isn’t the usual boring side dish and better than the store bought salads. Make something that will get everyone talking. 200 more words

Happy 4th! I experimented with another Pinterest recipe and the outcome was *delightful*

Happy 4th of July friends! My husband had to work, and all of our close friends from Baltimore are celebrating out of town. That means I had a leisurely day of doing laundry, washing dishes and working out. 781 more words


Strawberry Glazed Doughnuts

So, I’ve been seeing doughnut recipes on Pinterest for awhile now, and I’ve always passed them up because I didn’t have doughnut pans. Recently, I said fuck it and ordered some doughnut pans off of Amazon, and said lets make some doughnuts. 245 more words