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That one time I tried to make a Unicorn Cake 

So this last weekend we had some family over for Vivian’s birthday. My kids always get amazing cakes made by their grandma for their birthday just like she did for us growing up (who am I kidding she still makes me a birthday cake!) While browsing through Pinterest Viv and I decided on a Unicorn cake for this years birthday. 348 more words


Hey Lovely Readers!

One of the newest things we decided to add to our blog was a day for current obsessions! It’s just a day to share with you anything that we have been interested in that maybe you will be too! 545 more words

Current Obsessions

Pinterest Fail

Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge 149 Excite/Karma

What do you get when you combine old shipping pallets, sharp objects, and blood thinners, with a touch of clumsiness? 41 more words


Here's What To Do With That Denim Jacket You Never Wear

Vintage fashion is in the eye of the beholder. Denim is timeless. The beauty of the fabric is its ability to transcend eras.

My greatest closet hack is to constantly find ways to repurpose my wardrobe.

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Awesome Writing Prompts!

I was on Pinterest looking for some inspiration and came across a LOT of really awesome writing prompts so I thought I would share a few of them with you in case any of you are feeling uninspired with your writing like me. 236 more words

More than a Chair

Isn’t it amazing at the items that we decide to hold onto when a loved one passes away. Sometimes these inherited items do not reflect us at all. 520 more words


My Favorite Place in the House

First of all I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas! For us Christmas is always a whirlwind, all of our family lives within a 10 mile radius of our house, so we have to be at every event. 445 more words