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Hot cheetos and Burritos... Welcome to a pregnancy blog!

You may be wondering what is this blog about…who is this blogging… TELL ME MORE. Boy do I hope that is what someone is thinking. My name is Corrie, but these days I’d prefer “Baby Momma”… sure that may seem derogatory but in these moments my amazing boyfriend has yet to propose and currently ten weeks pregnant with his large headed baby…. 240 more words


How to use "Pinterest" as a share button on iOS 8

  • Hi guys today i’ll tell you how to enable the sharing feature that apple has introduced on iOS 8 devices. It’s a very great thing, because the 80% of the people use their mobile phones to share things and stuff on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, so why don’t we just get faster access to these apps?
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Party Under the Big Top #9

Well, here we are again, ready for another terrific Blog Party. Last week we set a record for the most posts linked up, with more than 50! 1,836 more words


Find your Style on Pinterest?

Has anyone found themselves lost in a pile of hords of random clothes, asking the question

“who even am I”

“what is my personal style aesthetic” 376 more words


The Reds Of Donghae

I really love this 💕 The pops of red make this photo collage unique and background worthy. My favourite photos happen to be 2, 3, and 5 – and since I’m a huge Suju/ Donghae fan I could even tell you which shoots their from…Okay not really. 25 more words


Pinterest, domesticity, and the dream of leisure

I’ve spent a good deal of time in therapy talking about Pinterest. Yes, Pinterest.

Pinterest taps into some kind of addictive and twisted piece of my subconscious. 782 more words


Who Am I, and Why Am I Here?

So our first assignment hit us full force. We start with a timeline of fifty good and fifty bad experiences to try and find psychological patterns and repercussions. 2,510 more words