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Summer Whites

Mother Nature has been a bit crazy this year, here in Canada. Warm weather in February, Snow Storms in March … She’s having some crazy mood swings, but summer is sneaking up on us, slowly but surely it is right around the corner. 47 more words


Jekyll and Hyde

You may have noticed that my first last name is Hyde.

As in Jekyll and Hyde.

In case you were sleeping through that part of high school and/or your only frame of reference is that one song on… 542 more words


Laundry, laundry everywhere.

It’s been a long time coming but I finally have pictures of my laundry room.  One of my initial post on my Facebook group highlighted a few special touches that I just can’t live without and how this small room to which I spend so much time in was so boring. 583 more words


Long Term: weight goal

Trying to determine what a healthy weight goal is can be difficult. Charts abound on Pinterest and blogs everywhere. Trying to decide exactly how healthy or unhealthy I am I decided to do some research. 252 more words


Social Media Day:Power to Tweet, Share and Like

A sample of the various social media platforms present in today’s society (Photo courtesy of logoary.com)

By Jeanne Ongiyo

30th June marks World Social Media Day and on this day people take the chance to express how much social media has helped them pass important messages, make friends, quenched their thirst for fame or plainly rant as much as they possibly can. 821 more words


From Couch Vegetation to Outdoor Recreation: Five Quick Camping Tips

  1. Instead of taking 10 beers for your overnight trip, only take 8. You will save yourself 1.5 pounds of heavy lifting!

  1. If you notice you have a baby with you, run back into town quick and find someone to babysit it for the weekend.

  2. 79 more words

Wrap Skirt Saga–Another Skirt Made

So the Wrap Skirt saga continues. The first skirt I blogged about here.

Usually I don’t really use ready made items to inspire my makes. 388 more words