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Jewlery makeover 

When you have no time to go get your ring cleaned so you search Pinterest for At home cleaners ;)

In all honesty I was hoping to get it even more cleaned but once I saw the before and after pictures I was still pretty happy that my ring was sparkling again and not dull! 79 more words


The Brummie Bride Blog

You know those ‘wedding checklist’ things you see sometimes, on Pinterest or in bridal magazines? Those ones that are designed to create that feeling of rising panic when you scan down the list and feel overwhelmed and nauseous about the sheer number of decisions that need to be made simply to walk down the aisle and say ‘I do’ to your loved one? 55 more words


Friday the 13th and 4 days to (start) finish paper

Give this a few days… if you are interested in shopping or blingy crap and some not so blingy crap (to me).

Plans that may or may not come to fruition, but the urge to organize and document and check “one more time…” — instead of doing what I need to be doing… something for school!!!


Winter has no chill

Winter is coming closer and closer in the Southern Hemisphere and I’ve rounded up my top three favorite trends:

I’m not really a massive trend follower but these are just a few trends which I feel are timeless you should definitely invest in any of these pieces as these trends are here to stay. 404 more words

Being crafty and yet.......

A recent development with an old friend is poking at me at the moment. They are in a situation that not only have I gone through, (and the advice I gave them went completely out the window), but their lifestyle is something I’m ALSO not happy with knowing all too much about. 383 more words

Diy Coachella Flower Crown

Hey guys! This is a cool way to make a flower crown without spending big money to buy one at a store. It is also super cute, too :) The materials are inexpensive and easily accessible. 307 more words

Fall College Outfits

Very excited to be returning to college this fall, I have vowed to save every penny I can in order to upgrade my closet. I have also vowed to clean and organize my closet to see what I can use and won’t use anymore. 80 more words