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I’m kinda addicted to Pinterest.

I’ve tried to curate quality images and ideas, there is so much inspiration and creativity I feel floated by the collective verve.

The Fight for the Right to Be Cremated by Water.

Aquamation,” a greener form of body disposal, is gaining acceptance in America. But some powerful groups are fighting to stop it.

Samantha Sieber’s grandfather had a traditional American burial. 1,678 more words

Monica, ti amo

Ever wonder why we like the things we do? Of course, you do. We all do. It is explaining our reasons that is hard because we often genuinely don’t know. 197 more words

Amorina Rose’s Blog

Pintrest inspired wall-decor.

Everyone likes pintrest. It’s like the best thing ever happened to me and maybe you?

If yes than you might also have thought about the amazing ideas… 167 more words

Ten must have obsessions apps

Hi guys!

How’s your life going so far ?

You might be thinking that why I writing a blog about apps ?

The answer is no I don’t want to make you glued to your phone 📱 and yeah it’s for making your life easier apps like. 297 more words

How to know if you really have a good man

How to know if you really have a good man. 

I will never forget what my first husband told me when I  asked him,  why did he cheat on me.   721 more words