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10 reasons why an Estonian Erasmus loves Spain. Or Basque country?

Kaixo! My name is Silvia Luik and I was an Erasmus student in the academic year of 2013/2014 in Spain, in a little city called Donostia – San Sebastian. 1,474 more words

Erasmus Experience

Pamplona – An Exercise in Stupidity

Pamplona, Pamps, San Fermin, The Running of the Bulls. Whatever you call it, you have almost certainly heard of the legendary Bull Runs, fights and festival that are held in the relatively small town of Pamplona every year. 2,569 more words

Savouring Barcelona

What city captivates me like no other? When it comes to the overall feeling, vibe and atmosphere and the taste of a culture, Barcelona takes the title. 730 more words


Sun, Sand and San Sebastián 

The weekend before last we discovered a gorgeous haven in Spain that we will most definitely visit again: San Sebastián (or Donostia).

This Basque city that lies on the cost of the Bay of Biscay (just 12 miles from the French border) was our (desperately needed) R&R stop on the way back to Toulouse from Pamplona. 1,495 more words

Toulouse France

Spain Trip - The Splendors of San Sebastián

San Sebastián is a gem off the northern coast of Spain – a seaside escape, foodie paradise, and charming historic city all melted into one. After spending a few days in… 2,046 more words

True Story

Neuer Besuch aus Deutschland

San Sebastian Greeter Carmen met with German solo traveller Maria Therese for a greet.

After a short walk, including a visit to an exhibition in the Conference Palace, they agreed on having a few pintxos together.

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A great way to end the evening

San Sebastian Greeter Pablo and his Canadian born visitor Chris bumpd into San Sebastian Greeter Amaia and her Australian visitor Alicia during last Thursday´s pintxo-pote evening in Gros. 10 more words

San Sebastian Greeters