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The Pinwheel – to turn obstacles into opportunity.


Bento Baon: Chicken Fajita Pinwheel

I used the last of my baked Mexican chicken, some peppers, and whole wheat tortilla to make these cute, little pinwheels. 96 more words


Next Dimension: Pinwheels

On a pleasant Sunday evening, we head not to the amusements but to the adjacent seaside, abundant with cheap and cheerful souvenir shops and stalls. Well, my eyes just lit up; … 236 more words


Pinwheel Galaxy (M101)

M101, also known as “The Pinwheel Galaxy,” is a face-on spiral galaxy located approximately 22 million light years away. It is about 70% larger than our Milky Way. 30 more words


The Passive House concept in a nutshell

Still not entirely sure about the elements of a Passive House? If you have just 90 seconds to spare, the following is a brilliant and easily digested overview of the Passive House concept: 106 more words


3 Calming Breath Practices for Kids

Life happens.  And for kids that can include scraped knees, sugar rushes, unbridled excitement, and scary situations.  These things happen, sometimes they are weathered well and sometimes things seem to downward spiral, leaving everyone feeling unsettled, and out of sorts. 566 more words