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RECIPE: Pizza Pinwheels

I used to LOVE it when my high school canteen would make these, they were so yummy and filling.

With these beauties, you can add pretty much whatever tickles your fancy, you can just add tomato paste and cheese and roll, or you can do what I did and add crispy bacon and some chilli flakes. 181 more words

Pinwheel Extravaganza!

So about a week ago this cute boy decided he HAD to have Pinwheels, like now. So we went on the hunt and after about four failed attempts (over a few days) we decided to make our own! 261 more words


Cranberry Pecan Pinwheels

I’ve been trying to be really good lately with my diet, but I still have a few recipes left from the holidays that I need to share. 271 more words


Pinwheels for baby

At our sewing group’s end-of-year Christmas party, I was lucky enough to receive two rulers in the Kris Kringle gift swap. (That is the short version of events. 426 more words


S'mores Pinwheels

Remember Rice Krispie treats? I love them! They’re so easy to make, and even easier to customize. But, since hubby doesn’t care for them too much, I tend to not make them often or else I end up eating them all. 458 more words


Pinwheels (first published on blog November 2012)

Found myself nestled in a tree full of pinwheels

Each spinning rapidly

For they caught my emotions

And a silent tongue can’t extinguish this ache… 104 more words