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Stuffed Chicken: Goat Cheese, Pesto & Sun Dried Tomatoes 

I love chicken, but it can be hard to stay interested week-to-week without stepping outside the recipe box. That said, I experimented with a wildly delicious meal that can certainly be modified to be more healthy! 170 more words


Fantastic Fall Snacks

Whether you are packing snacks for little ones to carry to child care or school or preparing snacks for children in your care, you are probably always on the lookout for tasty snacks! 568 more words


The joy of floats

In weaving, a float is where a thread skips going “under” (or an “over”) and carries across 2+ threads. They can be weft floats or warp floats and they can appear on either side of the cloth. 177 more words


Belated Birthday Post: Little Dude Turns 3

My little man turned three back in May. So yes, this is a very belated post. But, remember how we moved and my balancing act got toppled? 451 more words


Crochet pinwheels

I love the seaside. I’d happily go every weekend. Or just live by the sea.

So I’m a sucker for anything seaside-themed: blue and white stripes, twine, sand, and most recently, pinwheels. 286 more words


Puffed and Poppin’ Pinwheels

Nibbles. Bite-size treats. With just a smidge of spice and a very good dose of cheese these pinwheels will make any party (potluck or otherwise) come to life. 490 more words


Wartenberg Pinwheels - Personalized


These Wartenberg Pin Wheels (sometimes spelled Whartenburg or Wartenburg) a BDSM basic must, and should be one of the first investments for your toy box. 194 more words