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Walter Kozdrowicki

From  Walter Kozdrowicki” – by M. Ludvigsson

Walter Kozdrowicki  was charged by his big Shorthorn bull one day by walking across his field son the W1/2 35-39-23 W4th, and no shelter was near except a hayrake by a slough.  204 more words

Alix, Alberta

Meadow Creamery, later Central Alberta Dairy Pool

Meadow Creamery at Alix, later Central Alberta Dairy Pool (The Alpha Brand of Dairy Products)

Alix, Alberta

Oats @ 25 cents per bushel - early farming in Central Alberta

Early Crops, Taxes and Road Building From “John Maurer Story  – By Elsa Maurer”

The first two years 1905 -06, only oats and barley were raised.  310 more words

Alix, Alberta

Emails are not Letters

As a means of communication, letters offer so much more than emails.  Letters, whether typed or, even better, handwritten, take time and thought; emails rarely do.  461 more words

Kansas History